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    Home schooling can be tough and its not easy if you have more than one child and especially if you have a child with a learning issue, such as Dyslexia. Our 12yr old daughter has #Dyslexia and it can cause quite a lot of stress for her and to be honest for us too. She struggles with reading, spelling and writing and this causes her to feel frustrated and upset. We got her a scanning pen and this is really helping. She scans the pen across the word she is struggling with and the pen reads the word aloud to her. If she needs to get a meaning of the word, she can press the dictionary button on the pen and this will tell her what the word means.

    This pen is giving her some independence and means she does not always have to ask us to explain things to her because she can understand them herself. She even uses it when reading her David Walliams books!

    Using the pen, stops her #Dyslexia from holding her back when learning. Happy child = Happy Mammy! See more at  and check out 14 free parent trial at

    If you would like to chat with an expert, you can contact Brian at or PHONE: 071 91 58700 or Email:

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