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    I have just been robbed of €880.00 from my bank account :(

    apparently my card was scammed at a bank machine in Kingscourt in Cavan.
    my partner taught he heard something strange inside the machine but never taught no more of it….
    until last night we went to tesco shopping and my card was rejected!!!
    came home an looked online and seen two transactions for 440…
    both had CAASH in the description.. Ulster Bank have told me that someone used my card to sign up for a course in home building in america so the likelyhood is that the company is fraudulent aswell and when the person in ireland scams ur card and signs up to this company the company take a % and the person who scammed the card gets a % aswell!

    DP hasbeen onto the guards in Kingscourt and they are heading out to check it out now..
    10 working days until i get my money back!! thank god both of us work and get paid into seperate accounts, if we did not have my wages in the other account it could have been alot more!! :(

    Please be very careful at bank machines, if u hear something u think could be fraudulent please ring the guards!! this close to xmas noone needs this happening!!!


    U r right to get the gards involved immediately and also get a named body at ur bank involved too – refer back to them then if takes longer than the already unnecessarily long 10 days.

    Months ago, dh acc had 400euro fraudulently removed – some CASH transactions in SA of all places. We never even been to the continent never mind the country! App a copy of his laser card had been fraudulently, created and then withdrawls been made. Got the cash back after a big rigmarole that we could’ve done without – lives already stressful enough without havin to sort that out too!

    U struggle to avoid this I think – only way to address it is keep ultra close eye on ur acc (online?) 4 dodgy transactions. Pain in the nether regions but may minimise impact of fraud if u r victim of it.

    Hope u get ur dosh back soon, Michelle.


    Hi HJS,

    this is what happened to us aswell only it was spelt CAASH apparently it means Certified Active Adult Specialist in Housing!
    its a course that they sign up to online but the company is fraudlent aswell!! 🙁

    i will definatley be keeping up with them regarding this.


    Same thing happened my sister when her card was scammed at a bank machine in Drogheda. Her bank were very understanding and professional about it and I hope you get the same experience from your bank.

    super minder

    which atm in drogheda pet

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