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    Hello everybody,
    I would like to Invite you to my Brand New showroom here in Dundalk where you can see my new Glow in the dark COSMIC CEILING!! Thereis many people who has plastic stars on the ceiling in child bedroom or playroom and you want something much better!! Come and see the proper SOLAR SYSTEM, milky way, shooting stars, comets and constellations, planets, moons, and stars!!
    I have got a little present for everyone who will come to see it as a award for your effort!!
    Do not forget
    Contact Martin on 0857352604
    Thank you see you soon….


    I have to say my friend is just after having her house renovated and got both her children’s bedroom ceilings done with Cosmic Stars and they are fabulous.


    I’ll second that, got mine done before xmas and every raves about them…. my mum was sleeping in ds’s room last week and she said it was so restfull just looking at the stars… .so its not just for kids
    Would highly recommend it and seeing is believing, utterly stunning!


    one thing i didn’t like about them is the logo is on the ceiling, not my cup of tea, but overall it looks good alright


    I dont even notice the logo anymore…… you were the only person to even mention the logos. Im sure if you wanted to get your ceiling done you could ask for it to be left out!
    To me it was just like an artist signng his work… or like yourself when you did a window painting im sure you put your name and number in the corner.

    For anyone who hasnt see my boys ceilings the logo is about 4 inches by 8 inches… with the name cosmic Stars and the phone number (i think) i will have to have a look this evening what it says, so thats how small it is and it blends in that i dont even notice whats on the logo 😆 😆 😆

    But then again you cant please everyone


    i personally don’t like it, i even don’t like getting stickers on my car from a garage when i gte a car, it’s just me, i look into details and if i don’t like it then that’s what i don’t like….if i were getting the ceilings donei would ask for that not to be put on..i’d have no problem passing a number on etc but not want to look at the logo everytime

    god that must be you favorite saying you can’t please everyone…you must be easily pleased…


    yeah i must 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 :lol:……….. but some will never be pleased…..


    Hi everyone,

    As i can see here is nice topic to talk about and i really do thank you that you’re talking about the Logo. I do agree with both of you Ladies. The Logo on the Ceiling is painted for some reason. Of course if you don’t like it you don’t like it and that is your personal opinion which is yours as you said you don’t like the stickers on your new car etc. There is something about that. The logo i’m painting is as a my signature as a artist signs his paintings etc. Also in few years time there will be good few guys who will paint Cosmic Ceilings as they’re getting more and more popular, but maybe not as good as me so this logo will help people who sees the ceilings remember which ceilings was better and done by who.
    It’s also my mistake that i did not ask if i can put my logo on the ceiling. appologize for that. Nobody ever complain about this and people actualy did not even realize that the logo is there as i’m trying to paint the logo to some place where is nearly hiden. Some even said that the logo which is consist of name Cosmic Star Ceilings and it’s web site looks very profesional and it’s good idea. Hard to please everyone. Ach well.
    However there is coming two new options and it will be up to you guys which you will prefer most.
    Thank you for your understanding and also thank you that you care.
    yours Martin


    don’t get me wrong martin you do a good job, i know if i were getting anything done regardless of what artist would do i would ask for not to be tagged that even goes for wall murals i just don’t like it, i would paint over it…..

    but i would have no problem letting people know who to get and who was best but even though it may not be noticeable to others it’s something that would bug me if i had to look at it everynight….

    the website is professional, i’m not dissing your work just a little niggley thing the logo on the ceiling i would opt not to have on….


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