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    I’m trying to decide what the big red man is going to bring for my two this year….

    I’ve got a 5 yo DS and a 3 yo DD….

    So far, I’ve got a lovely selection of Usborne books / games etc for the two of them to share / puzzles, things to spot, colouring in etc… so that is the "educational" side done and dusted….

    Granny and the Aunties are getting them Didicars….

    And I’m definately going to go with the Irish teddy for DD…. :wink: Though I think that DD will possibly rob it off her every now and again… :lol: joys of going to an Irish school!…

    Any other suggestions for them? Obviously want to get a few things in the toy line for the two of them… but money is tight, so must go with good value… yet maximum fun! ….


    you can never go wrong with the likes of playdough or even a good board game one that you can all sit down and do and the kids then can also do themselves…your dd and ds are close in age so at least they will play together…

    you know the little things alays go down a treat rather than the big item so a good few little things that they can open simple things skipping rope, a few cars…road chalk, growing grass heads (can get in euroshop in laytown) making and painting things, stickers, glue sticks, stampers, different types of paper…little dolls or lego…etc


    my sister has been going on about Piktureka – she says its fab, anyone else got this? might be one to pick up

    the Irish speaking Babogbaby bear is fab, our 7, 5 and 3 year olds all play with it. we were not expecting that!


    Is it a game? Trying to google it… 😕
    Is it the pictureka…. as in board game?


    Chewi i have the same bits done like yourself, not the big things yet…. ds had asked for a castle but we went to Duffys in Dunleer on Saturday to get an idea of what they wanted…. castle shopping really as we didnt like the one in ELC
    It turns out ds1 asked for 1 thing (that i have all ready) i said is there anything in this shop for the santa list, he said he would like a rocket and some fridge magnets, its about 70 cogs that do on the fridge, should be fun….. that is a share toy with his brother.

    So looks like no big toy in this house this year!!! But its the little things that they love anyway.
    Oh i got a great game for 2 euro in Tesco, its called who am i? its like guess who, but its a headband with a card holder… you pick the card and wear it then you have to guess who you are?
    Im getting Mr pop a face pop up timer shape game


    Xmas + birthdays (early Dec, both)

    Itouch each
    Fliker (her)
    Climbing frame (him)
    Ten million wooden TTTE sets (him)
    Ten million euro for extra horse riding lessons (her)

    + stocking bits, books etc

    That is between me and dh,grandparents, and Father Christmas.

    But more importantly, what are WE GIRLS getting?

    I am having at least 7, prob 11 in my house for Xmas dinner, and goodness knows how long either side of the main event will any of them be staying with me so I AM DEFO ordering Xmas dinner/decs/deadly entertainment IN from M and S (as per) and so will be looking for the diamond necklace and braclet to go with last year’s ring AT LEAST!!!!!LOL, as I am most unlikely to get it it at least i can dream…


    loved this when i was a kid, i had bought for ds1 but realised i still had it
    http://www.toys.ie/Tomy-Screwball-Scram … -prod.aspx

    that game taylor said in tesco i got that too, zoo am i it’s animals like headbandz game but cheaper lol….also geli baff (to play in a bowl) both love goo

    check out argos to for 2 for 20 toys

    didicar…but you said you have one of them….

    you can get pictureka in smyths


    Whats the geli baff? is that from tescos too?

    I was just on Amazon got toy story 3 and how to train your dragon for £10… pre order sale and free super saver delivery, dont know how much it will go on sale over her but im guessing they will be about 19.99, so big savings.

    i know it all adds up but im surprised at how little im spending on the kids this year, nothing BIG just all small bits


    Ds is 9.
    High Vis jacket
    Nerf Gun
    Timex Red Jelly watch
    Toy Story 3 operation
    Loads of wheres wally books
    Ds family game thingy bob
    3 dvd’s(Shrek 3, preordered toy story 3 and a christmas carol)
    (have to do stocking with lynx, hair gel, hairbrush etc)
    Rubix Cube
    Guiness Book of records.
    (have to get Fifa 11 for ds too& Jersey)

    Also will more than likely pick him up a few bits on FAO Schwartz 🙂

    The boardgame, rubix cube and wheres wally will be the games of the day after dinner with us. Last year it was card tricks and my ds was hilarious trying to find out how my dad and brother were doing them 🙂


    gellibaf – think idea more fun than the actual thing – dd was mad for it about 3 yrs ago, got it, put in bath, she was repulsed by gooey sensation and couldnt get out quick enough.

    it does come with a de -gellifying (iykwim!) sachet too, but leaves bath a bit grainy still and basically u have to have shower after u been in it anyway.

    but some kids bound to love it!


    I find it really tough to know what to get dd for Xmas..or a big present at any stage to be honest…

    Because of dh’s job our house is always awash with the latest electronic gadgets and dd doesn’t think of them as special..they are just as much the part of things as a coffee cup..games consoles of all varietys, lap tops and net books , and lord knows what else..so big items like that wouldn’t be a big deal for her as she has the run of them anyway..

    Bike she has one..ahh I just don’t know what to get..looked at those flickr things and then changed my mind..
    Fed up of billions of bit and bobs all around the house, would love to come up with a big pressie idea.

    Of course she will get board games, arts crafts etc etc ..
    And always has a stocking..well half of a pair of tights..always the tradition in our house..it ends up long and bumpy with all the different shapes and sizes of pressies


    the geli baff they have is for a play bowl, which will be better than sticking it in the bath could imagien they’d freak out


    dd1 4yr – toy guitar, microhpone with Stand! & a Frog game – both she asked for
    Her surprise: Leap frog reading system and arts & craft box full of stuff
    Stocking:DVD, Books, sweets, hair stuff, socks, pants, odds & sods

    dd2 1.5yrs: dd1 asked for : Doll & a dog (got a VTech Dog My Pal Violet soo cute)
    Surprise: my first piano
    Stocking: pretty much similar to dd1

    Grandparents always buy an outfit of clothes, selection box and something that parents have approved of 😆


    HMM, what about an experience rather than a thing for dd if she has everything?

    I know that is a difficult thing as it involves the concerpt of waiting and of course you do DLP etc etc etc but if u wanna avoid, as I do, piles of "stuff"…

    I have no doubt, for ex, that dd here will be beside herself when she gets handed a load of cash/voucher(made up by us, in cahoots with instructor) that is to be used for extra hose riding lessons. She gets MORE of something she loves/already has, that way.

    LOL, u shouldn’t be spoiling her with easy access all year round to the electrical gizmos cos u’ve given urself an Xmas headache!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Or give her nothing, tell her she has everything anyway so this year FC decided to give it all to those in more need! Tha’d certainly meet my criteria of an "experience" 😀 😀 😀

    God, could u imagine any of us doing that to our kids – we’d have to leave the country ❗ ❗ ❗


    Right…. Irish teddy officially ordered for DD…. picked up a spy kit for DS in TK Max…. and also picked up the Christmas Argos Catalogue to identify some fun odds ‘n ends….. mmm
    keep em coming gals… I’m getting some cool ideas here!

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