Same sex couples fostering

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    What did you think about the same sex couple who want to foster children on last week’s midweek show. if children need a foster home, surely its better to place them with a family who can care for them, rather than leave them in care?

    Hope those two guys get to do it soon, they seemed really nice


    Didn’t see that but personally I believe children should be placed in stable loving homes, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents!! Loving a child and giving him/her emotional support and encouragement is what should be the focus! People who judge and say that children should not be placed with same sex parents need to ask themselves why…just because a child may be placed with a heterosexual couple doesn’t mean that they will be any more loved or are any more stable…and it doesn’t mean that that couple are any more committed to each other….oh, it makes me so MAD when I think of all those children in need of a loving home!!!!!! 👿


    I never agreed with same sex couples fostering kids, having their own is their own choice and that fine with me. I seen the show last week and i have to say the two guys were so nice and it gave a human side and a look into their lives and their needs and wants.
    They have had about 8 kids so far and they are loving it, they werent in your face about how they felt, they were very logical, they love kids and want to give kids in need a loving home, how can you not agree with that… they really opened my eyes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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