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    Quick question, may be a silly question but one that been bothering me for a while:

    I seem to be always putting salt in my dishwasher, the light is nearly always on telling me it needs it.

    Just wondering how often & how much salt you all put in your dishwasher?

    Its probably just because of the very hard water in Drogheda.


    Most tablets you buy contain the salt and rinse aid so I only put in salt and rinse aid every 3 to 4 months


    mmm actually i only ever notice salt low when ya get that streakyness on the glasses so i check then the salt then fill….


    Never use salt use th finish quatum tablets and the glasses are shining.


    Thanks for replies, my dishwasher must be faulty so, im always putting salt in and the glasses never really look that clean. I use it everyday.

    Must try those quantum tablets.


    My salt light comes on about every 2 weeks. Usually use the dishwasher every second day.

    That reminds me, I actually have no salt left. Another thing for the list 🙄 🙄


    good have my dishwasher for 6 years, used about 3 times per week, havent put salt in it since we got it. Isnt that why we buy the all in 1 tablets???


    Theres a little gauge usually in your dishwasher but it took me 10yrs of having dishwashers to realise this…….you can regulate it depending on your water hardness and it takes in more or less salt depending on how hard your water is…………

    The same for the rinse aid………there is a little dial you turn if take the lid of the rinse aid holder and look inside the holder………I only found that out in recent yrs. too…..

    Between the 2 gauges you can regulate them to suit your water hardness and dishes come out cleaner and glasses etc. with no streaks…..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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