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    Just a note of warning to parents, my 7 year old got on the wrong school bus this week, its only his second week using the bus so i can understand why!
    He was MIA for 15 mins i got a call from another bus driver who had him on his bus :roll:
    I wrote my phone number on his bus ticket, just in case the ticket was lost or him in this case.
    So if you young child gets the bus and wouldnt know your number, write your mobile number down somewhere safe so they can get someone to contact home.


    We have our phone numbers written on our children’s coats, jumpers and schoolbags but thats a good idea to write it on the ticket too.

    That must have been scary for those few minutes, thank goodness they figured it out quickly.

    Was he ok? hope he did not get too much of a scare.


    The ‘Stuck on you’ clothing labels that you can order with your child’s name can also include a phone number; we have our children’s personalised labels with numbers on them too and we iron them on to their clothes – so it says our numbers and their name if they lose an item of their uniform.


    I actually heard about that Taylor, hope your son wasnt too upset or you too distressed about his where abouts?

    I never thought of including my phone number on his labels, i must do that.

    My sons friend left his school bag on the bus today!!!

    Thats kids for you.


    My ds left his jacket on there today! Its a school crested one with his name on it so i should get it back, my neighbour laughted and said "Well at least he got off the bus" 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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