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    S*x in Dublin City – The Ultimate Girls Night Out

    A full night of glitz and glamour including entry into the new SATC2 movie

    Tickets include:
    Champagne reception
    Entry into SATC2 ( opening night )
    Pink Goodie Bag
    Spot Prizes
    VIP entry into the S*x in Dublin City Afterparty – Dtwo nightclub

    Tickets are only €29.50 and are available from http://www.didgebo.com
    Profits from this event are being donated to the Cancer Clinical Trials Unit at Beaumont Hospital

    So girls if you want to spend an exciting and glamorous evening with your favourite galpals on-screen and off grab a ticket for S*x in Dublin City http://www.didgebo.com


    Load of us have tickets – can’t wait!!!

    Here’s cool article from Irish Indo about which of the men in SATC us gals like most! Its Mr. Big for me….yum!! (Better not let my hubby read this :oops: )

    Although, surprised at how many of my friends picked Aidan! Lucky for them he’s in the new movie.

    By Glenda Cooper, Irish Independent, Wednesday May 12 2010
    "The email came back to me marked urgent: "My husband most put out by my choice of Sex and the City man," it read. (I had asked my girlfriends which manwas their ideal). "He seems to feel it reflects badly on him. Have been asked to immediately retract Aidan, and clarify that Big was, in fact, the right answer."

    Confess. Every woman has her favourite SATC man. And every other woman — and it seems man — potentially judges her for her choice.

    Forget whether you believe you’re a Carrie or a Samantha, the real question is: what does it say about you if choose Aidan or Big, Berger or Aleksandr Petrovsky?

    The plot of the second SATC film, due out next month, remains a closely guarded secret, but one thing has been revealed: Aidan, the nice guy furniture maker who was engaged to Carrie until she dumped him, returns.

    Carrie, now married to Wall Street hotshot Big, is torn between her two big loves.

    In the past we’ve been distracted by the Manolos and Manhattan; but the real accessories in Sex and the City were never the shoes, they were the men.

    They, more than any designer label, were shorthand for how a woman wanted to be defined — as sexual, an intellectual, as a fantasist or a realist.

    And whether you favoured Aidan or Big exemplified this to a tee. When the series began back in 1998, however, it was very different.

    Women were at the forefront, with their men playing a subsidiary role. Early on, they weren’t even known by their names but given monikers such as "toxic bachelors" (serial seducers) and "modelisers" (those who would only sleep with models).

    "In lots of films and TV series, women are reduced to 2-D characters — we’re used to that," says John Smith, the novelist and comment-ator. "Whereas in Sex and the City you have four strong female leads, and a changing cast of men who don’t develop as characters in the same way."

    But as the series progressed, women began to debate which of Carrie’s longer-term lovers they would choose as a partner.

    Was it the alpha male, the self-deprecating artist, the boy-next-door or the seductive foreigner?

    Such Cosmopolitan-fuelled conversations have even translated into academic study — the most recent being a paper published last month titled, How Big Is Big Enough? Steve, Big, and Phallic Masculinity in Sex and the City by Laura Brunner from the University of Maryland.

    So, in the interests of research, we check out what Carrie’s potential loves have going for them — and who would be best avoided.

    Sex and the City 2 is released nationwide on 28 May


    Have to say the plot line involving Aidan sounds like total cr*p..there is no way Carrie would ever consider Aidan again..especially over Big..will be interesting to see how they make that plot line "Believable"…

    I mean come on.. she treated Aidan like dog muck..

    As for her men…none of them..maybe Big at a push, I much much prefer Mirandas Steve.


    Lots of ladies like Steve – at least he’s honest and dependable…there’s a lot to be said for that in this day and age!

    Aidan annoyed me a bit but hes a fine looking fella, didn’t mind watching him chop firewood 😉


    Ah Girls

    I am a bit disappointed that so few of you are fans of Aidan. I love him! He is gorgeous. I was never a Big fan, all that messing around.

    And he proved me right when he left Carrie standing at the altar.

    I am dying to see the movie, let’s see if Carrie rekindles things with the lovely Aidan. It’d be nice to see Big get a run for his money.

    Lennie 😆


    Last few tickets remaining – get them now before its sold out and come along to this fabulous event and help support a very worthy cause.


    Mumstown was delighted to support this event.

    A great night was had by all. The champagne, goody bags, cocktails and of course, the movie were all fabulous and the spot prizes were amazing too. Many of the ladies, who were dressed in their finest, headed out dancing afterwards to make it a girly night to remember 😀

    Most of the prizes were raffled off on the night but there were two sets of tickets for the Mumstown customers, to be raffled off and we held this draw yesterday and can announce that the winners are:

    Denise Ingham and Christine Monaghan.

    Both these lucky ladies will be heading to the Ultimate Girls Day Out in August, compliments of http://www.didgebo.com

    Well done ladies!!! Enjoy!!

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