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    News Release

    Ryanair to Consider How to Charge for Very Large Passengers

    Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, today (22 Apr) announced that it will now consider how to charge a ‘fat tax’ after more than 30,000 passengers voted in favour of charging excess weight fees for very large passengers in an online vote over the past two weeks.

    Over 100,000 passengers voted, via http://www.ryanair.com, to decide which cost reduction idea should win a €1,000 cash prize. Ryanair confirmed the final poll results as follows:

    29% – Excess fees for very overweight passengers,
    25% – €1 for toilet paper – with O’Leary’s face on it,
    24% – €3 to smoke in a converted toilet cubicle,
    14% – Annual subscription to access Ryanair.com,
    8% – €2 “corkageâ€


    this has got to be a joke, that’s bad i think, yeah the seats are cramped as it is and doesn’t help if overloaded with bigger passenger, but hey they too have rights to fly…..i think that if they do that there will be an uproar and discrimination charges…if that’s the case they have to bring in charges for pregnant women, black people, white people, ugly people, people that have had boob jobs, anoriexic people….old people, people with flatulance problems, rude people, people from different countries….kids that cry, kids that mess, kids that don’t etc etc etc

    it;s a flaming joke and i think it’s a disgrace there’d be no way on earth i’d fly ever with ryanair ever if he does something like that, it’s criminal….. 😈

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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