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    Zoogon Productions are making a new television show for RTE2 called Mairead Farrell: Honestly Speaking… Baby Bodies, which aims to talk openly about how Irish women really feel about their pregnant and post-baby body – the good and the bad. We are currently still looking for a range of contributors to take part:

    – Do you love everything about your pregnant body or post-baby body? Do you embrace all the bodily changes whole-heartedly?
    – Have you (or did you) put on more weight than you wanted to during pregnancy? Or have you struggled with obesity before or after pregnancy?
    – Are you (or were you) pregnant while still a teenager?
    – Are you exercising a lot while pregnant? Or after childbirth to regain your figure?
    – Has pregnancy or having a baby dramatically affected your sex life?
    – Do you have a fear of pregnancy and childbirth? Or did a traumatic experience lead to a fear of future pregnancy?
    – Are you giving birth (hospital or home birth) in the next few weeks and may consider the birth being filmed?

    Finally – do you have an interesting story to tell relating to your ‘baby body’ experience that we haven’t mentioned, but you would like to tell us about?

    We hope that the documentary will be a vehicle to show mothers out there that they’re not the only one experiencing body issues during pregnancy and after, or indeed inform mothers-to-be of what to expect. Please get in touch by emailing amy@zoogon.tv or call to chat on 0044-2890323600 and ask for Amy or Aislinn. All correspondence will be in the strictest confidence.


    I LOVED being pregnant. Loved the feeling of the baby moving inside me and feeling my belly growing. My family used to tease me endlessly for constantly rubbing my bump! I loved my belly getting bigger and really enjoyed how my body felt when pregnant (apart from the last few weeks, when I felt about the size of a house and could not tie my laces or move around without much difficulty!)

    I had a home birth and felt extremely empowered by my body’s ability to do what I needed to do to bring my baby into the world. I exercised throughout my pregnancy and felt fit & healthy right up until & during the birth. I think being active during my pregnancy helped me get through the labour & birth.

    Now though, 4 weeks after giving birth am finding it tough to look in the mirror at my tummy & bum areas and am feeling very tired. Apart from a few walks, have not done anyreal exercise yet. Would not really do anything until 6 weeks but right now, have not even got the energy for thinking about that!

    Have a spare tyre to get rid of it and know its hard work to get back into shape after baby so a little bit daunted by the journey ahead of me.

    I am breastfeeding and I love my body’s ability to feed my daughter and am really enjoying feeding her. Hopefully the breastfeeding will help meshift a few pounds too….

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