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    RTE’s second series of Baby on Board are looking for families with children aged 0-5 to feature in the programme. We are particuarly keen to hear from people who are looking for childcare support so they can return to work or have more time on their hands.

    The programme features presenter Grainne Ryan from Ennis Co. Clare, a qualified midwife and hugely experienced public health nurse to give help and advice to parents. And other experts will be on hand to deal with specific issues.

    All interested applicants can email katie@sideline.ie or alternatively call katie on 01 6315310 for more information about the programme and anapplication form.

    Kind Regards,


    I watch all the baby programmes on tv but I dont like this one at all, I just never took to Grainne at all, I find her very fake.

    katie giles

    There is a new Presenter on ‘Baby on Board’ Series 2 (airing 12th June 08). This will be Grainne Ryans first time presenting the series.

    You may have got her mixed up with someone else (previous post).

    This series aims to be a positive platform for parents to share their experiences of parenting and have access to an expert for support and advice.

    We are especially keen to speak to parents who
    – have a newborn baby
    – are looking to return to work and have issues with childcare
    – are experiencing behavioural or developmental issues with their child.

    Please feel free to call for more information about the programme 016315310 or e-mail katie@sideline.ie.

    Many thanks


    Yes I remember the first series the presenter was a midwife I think she was called Doreen or something like that she was very old fashioned. Best of luck with the new series and to all those who get involved.


    Sorry Katie, Bookwitch is right the first series her name was Doreen. God Im delighted to know that there is someone new as I love shows like that.
    Again Im sorry and all the best

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