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    Hi Ladies,
    I’m writing a feature on the Royal Wedding on Friday week and wondering if anyone is doing anything for it? Lots of hotels are advertising Royal Wedding brunches/afternoon tea etc, with a screening of the wedding. And I’ve heard some people on Tubridy saying they’re having a party at home with some friends. Has anyone any plans – or did any of you do anything for Diana’s wedding?
    If you know of anyone, be great if you’d let me know!
    Deirdre x


    to be honest not really fussed about it, will perhaps take a peek, but with regards having a party i don’t think so…

    even my dh who’s english and his family that live here aren’t pushed on making a big deal about it…perhaps it’s a different story with their relatives that live in the uk….i know when there was the jubilee they had a massive party….i’ve seen pics of it, the whole street was decorated etc…and they really had a party…so maybe we should take a trip to have a party…lol…

    his granny who lives here who’s english i must ask her what she thinks…

    at the moment the kids are just delighted they’re on midterm, so the royal wedding hasn’t made much of an impact here….

    but will be watching meet the middletons on channel4 tonight….


    I just spent a few days in Jersey with my sister and the wedding is everywhere…..even in the zoo, some new baby animals have been named Will & Kate! There are posters, bunting and flyers all over the place and there will be a public holiday that day too. Its very much everywhere and a bit saturating to be honest

    Over here in Ireland, don’t think we are at all bothered about it. Not into the whole royal scene at all, its very English.

    I think its nice they have asked people to donate to charity instead of buying gifts and I wish them all the best but not planning on tuning in – may take a quick peek at the dress but thats about it!


    not a bit of interest. watched Diana wedding as a child with a child’s curiosity. I don’t know of anyone personally who has any interest in it.


    nope i’ll be in work -t hough i’ll prob look at a bit on the news. Was reading in paper on sat something about first wave of guests arriving between 8.45am & 9.15am but the wedding isn’t for a few hrs after 🙄
    my dh too is english and hasn’t said a dickie bird bout it must ask my sil if they’re doing anything


    i think its a wonderful happy event….watching Prince William growing up & now seeing him marrying a much loved fiancee makes me feel warm inside…

    the small town where i am from in england is where Prince Charles & Princess Diana spent their wedding night & we all lined the streets to welcome is a very special memory from my childhood…

    So i will be glued to tely watching the wedding and enjoying every minute …..wish i could be in england for it….times like this make me so homesick….and proud to be British….


    I will definitely have a little peek at it next Friday. I love looking at the style and am dying to see her dress.

    I too remember watching Lady Diana and prince Charles wedding. I think we were on holidays somewhere and mam and dad brought us to the pub to watch it.


    Yeah i am really looking forward to seeing it on tv too……it willbe on in the background so hopefully will get to see it during the day . I cant wait to see the dress as well and all the style – i’ve a family wedding in July so may get a few royal tips for my own outfit from the guests 😆 😆


    Will watch bits of it..but won’t be glued..

    Remember watching C and Di wedding and Fergies too.

    I think most women will tune in for a bit even to see the dress English or not!!

    Happy that he has found happiness, lets just hope it doesn’t end badly in the future like past weddings


    I love the Royal Weddings… but then again we arent paying for them, Dont think it can EVER live up to the Charles and Di wedding, that was just like a fairytale in real life.
    We had BBC and our neighbours didnt, they came in and were drinking pots of tea and oh’ing and ah’ing at everything…. i cant wait to see what she is like and all the guests, will sky plus it.

    Meet the middltons seems a bit cruel, they are really looking such a workign class background she is from, but i will still watch it 😳 😆 😆

    Did anyone see Wagons Den on RTE last night… Katherine Lynch had royal wedding condoms, they were called Crown Jewels 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Soooooo funny well worth a look on real player


    I thought it was lovely, she looked beautiful and he looked so happy when she came up the aisle (although, god love her that was a long aisle to walk up!). Theirs seems like a good match, they have known each other a long time and lived together before so they know what they are doing. Diana looked terrified when she married Charles but Kate looked happy and relaxed today – despite how many people were watching her across the globe.

    I did not think I would have much interest tbh but I was glued to it this morning, her dress was gorgeous, very Grace Kelly like. It was a nice change to be looking at coverage on the TV of a happy event, rather than all the doom & gloom of the past few months.

    Our 6 year old was glued to it as well and she is a bit of a tom boy, so was surprised she had any interest. It was fascinating to watch and I loved all the fashion – Philip Treacy was a busy bee, he had apparently between 50-60 of his hats there. A good day for Irish designers.

    Was not mad about the Queen’s outfit, a bit too bright but fair play to her for going in a happy colour.

    The mother of the bride looked very elegant and the bridesmaids and flower girls were lovely as well.

    Despite apparently 4 out of 5 Irish people saying they would not watch it, I’ll bet it will be the top rated programme when the viewing figures come out next week. We all need a bit of romance every now and then, nothing wrong with that!


    was a lovely wedding, she looked stunning, and yes very grace kelly looking……

    my ds1 said to his friend, you know she was just a normal lady who married a prince…. 😆 the innocence of it all, i giggled and said she was a commoner that is now a duchess and will hopefully oneday be a queen…

    lovely day for the both of him, and loved that she said to Prince William….when they got into the carraige "are you happy?" i’m sure they will be very happy


    was very lovely day & it was clear to see how much they love each other & how happy their families were…..

    i actually liked the Queens outfit Sabbi, heard a few people saying was not great colour but iliked it 🙂 but then again years ago i went to my cousins wedding in a handknitted (made it myself) bright yellow & white striped dress!! so cant say my fashion sense is great..just love yellow!!


    didn’t think i’d watch it but put in a pc in office for my mam and ended up with it on my pc too and glad i watched it in the end
    Thought Kate looked fab, loved the simplicty of the bridesmaid dress etc
    The only thing about the queens outfit was when she was standing by the bishop(?) she blended in 😉
    Wish them both the very best in their future


    just watched bits i missed on net..loved the Aston Martin drive through & the balcony kiss…sad i know but will have to watch it again 😀 and again… 🙂

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