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    My son – 3years 8months – came down with a feveron Wednesday [18July2012] so off to the doctor – he was diagnosed with ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics. The next day he developed spots – first on his face and then down his torso onto his back then spreading out to his arms and legs!! Off to the Doctor again! the doctor said it’s nothing to worry about – not meningitis. Ok so that was great – nothing to worry about, BUT What Is Happening To My Child!!!?

    So Moi became Dr-ala-Internet!! ;-) I found the perfect diagnosis!! Thought I should just share it with you other mums/parents/guardians/child-carers!!

    Roseola most commonly affects babies aged 6 months to 24 months, but also can affect toddlers to about 4years; seldomly teens and adults.

    My son has/had Roseola – starts with high temperature – fever between 38 and even upto 41 degrees celsius [fortunately we managed to keep my boy’s temp below 40 degrees and he had no seizure! – on that note: if the child has a seizure there is no know long term nervous system effect to the child, but still the child should be seen be a doctor following such an occurrence.]
    After the fever subsides then a rash develops – pinprick type spots starting around the face/neck then spreading down the tummy and back and then to the arms and legs. The rash can last 2 to 4 days and is not contagious.

    Although Roseola is contagious – it is only contagious in the 10 to 5 days prior to the fever developing! It spreads by oral contact – coughing, sneezing, kissing. Even one who does not develop the fever etc. can be a carrier. Roseola is what is considered a harmless disease!!

    So there you have it.
    I got this information and I refer you to the following site:

    Take care all!!


    thanks for that info….how are you feeling, hope you are coping ok with sick little man and your bump.

    mind yourself and see you soon. if you feel up to it maybe come along to Bagel Bar on tuesday 7th august.x


    Little mannie is well enough just getting over the rash now!

    And me, I’m well – bump is cumbersome, but enjoyable still! Baby out on Thurs 26 July – so I’m super excited! thanks

    Will see how it all goes and mayb see you at next Bagel Bar get together!!

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