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    does a person on a medical card have the right to say no to a root cannal treatment or any gum treatment?


    Its your mouth. You have the right to say no i’m sure. Just ask another dentist or the Haymarket dentist. Just say that your a concerned patient and you need more info.


    Its your mouth but if the work needs to be done it needs to be done… i needed a root canal done and wouldnt go to the dentist it ended up i lost the tooth…. talk to the dentist about your fears and they will put your at ease …. Good luck


    root canal is a waste of money.i had it done twice on one tooth and once on another.cost a pile of money even with prsi and still lost both teeth.


    they tried it on 2 of my teeth ages ago but it fell out now i look gubby i cant smile they really made my teeth look worse than they are. it really turned me off going back i have an appointment on tuesday with a different dentist to try and get them out and the ones beside them filled.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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