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    didnt see that coming , thought they where rock solid


    Very hard on the young kids 🙁


    he was only on tv the other day… about 3 days ago… saying she was his rock and he loved her so much 😯 Is he in the running for an Oscar or did she ditch him?
    Deffo didnt see that coming, mam said she heard that there is meant to be a 3rd party 😯
    A break up cant be easy but one in the public eye has to be terrible, cant be easy on those poor little kids….. best dressed couple at last years tvnow awards


    Couldn’t believe this when I heard it!! Always thought they were solid too… just goes to show…


    In the news tday he meant to have gotten very close to a female dancer!!! Aw who knows what goes on behind closed doors eh!

    Big discussion about him on radio this morning people saying they got married to young etc etc.

    Its sad tho.


    Well isnt that how Mikey left his first wife, his current wife was a boyszone backing dancer!!!
    Yvonne used to go out with an old friends brother, they were minted but she dropped him for Ronan, she was always called a Gold Digger in the crowd i hung about with, but dont know if that was just sour grapes or the truth

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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