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    I would hate to sound like a bigot, because I would truly welcome anyone here from any country. But if they come, they can’t commit crimes and they have to attempt to assimilate.
    The reason I say that is I had an experience on the bank holiday with a group of Romas when I was heading to the Mini Marathon.

    When the train stopped at Skerries a group of about 30 Romas got on and sat all around me. The first thing I was struck with was the smell! Absolutely rotten. The smell of unwashed humans is quite strong. I would have stayed sitting, but I had to move to another carriage as it was just too much.

    After we pulled into the station lots of other Romas were getting off other carriages until about 60 were making their way through Connolly station. All throughout the day I spotted them begging and moving around spectators. The Guards moved them off a few times, but there were so many.

    I know that a recent article has them at 90% responsibility for begging, shoplifting and pick pocketing, so why are they free to come here? Even citizens in their own country do not want them and have chucked them out. It looks like they being hounded through Europe until they become our problem?

    Is it possible for them to be integrated into Irish society, or are we stuck with them as they are?


    I havehad the train experience too….they get on every morning in skerries. One morning 3 young teenage lads got on and hemmed in a girl who was standing in the alcove between the train carraiges, they were being very inimidating and standing right up against the girl, she had to push past them and move down the carraige and they just laughed. That is anti-social behaviour in my book and its not acceptable from anyone regardless of thier ethnic background..


    I have worked with many Latvians, Bulgarians and other nationalities.
    ALL have said the same as what’s been said above already.

    In Romania under the now executed leader that used to run their country, life was cheap and their country became a dog eat dog system. Morals went out the window more so and females became regarded as nothing more than cattle to be herded and abused.

    As much as we fear our every day laws, theirs was totally useless under their then corrupt system, food had to be fought over and a mentality was adopted and instilled that you further treated everyone else in your way with indifference and as something just to be swiped out of the way like a fly…
    That does not excuse in any way their behaviour here. What should be brought back into this country and not just for the Romanians is a clear fear of breaking the law and the subsequent consequences of such actions.

    By God, if you do something wrong, you should be looking over your shoulder for the cops – and thats the way it should be!
    Right now, those breaking the law or pushing their actions close to the edge of the legal limits, are just laughing at the laws of our land.

    That laughing should be swiped from their face. I want a stronger laws in this land.
    We have enough little islands around the west. Build a bloomin’ prison on one of them and see how the criminals like REAL hard labour.
    I’d put the fear of god into them and make sure they would think twice before pushing their luck!

    As regards the Romanians direct, they need to be re-educated in the ways of the Irish people. If they come to our country, they, by their actions, are wishing to adopt our lifestyle. We should NOT change ours to theirs. We don’t go over to another country and tell them (in their own place) how to live day to day.
    If they break the law, either seriously or repeatedly, I have no doubts, they should be kicked out of the country as undesirables, no ifs and no buts! According to EU law 👿 we have to let them in!
    We should as a still supposed independent state impose the same emigration system as Canada, America and Australia for example. A points system that weeds somewhat out the supposed bad element.
    Until we do that (and we won’t ‘cos our government is pandering to the EU again – don’t get me started on the treaty again!) we are going to be continually flooded forever more by the trash of Europe from various countries, not just bad elements from Romania.

    I could tell you shocking stories about other nationalities but that’s being kept reserved for my book – "Life Behind Bars".



    Biggins your book is called "A life behind bars" ❗ Is there something you wnat to tell us? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Did you read in the paper about the Romas being shipped into Ireland just to rob and pickpocket. I think the Garda nabbed about 60 of them in Dublin last weekend


    life behind bars is meant to be about his days working in pubs and clubs i think! 😕

    my sister works in TK MAXX and she’s always having trouble with them coming in to rob stuff
    the girls wear a big bucket under the skirts and shuffle along and just throw stuff in and walk out of the store before anyone notices 😯


    I thought it was the metal kind he was talking about 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I worked in a smalll clothes shop in Drogheda and they would come in in groups and split up, so it was really hard for 2 or 3 staff to keep an eye on all of them… we got fed up and told them they could only come into the shop 2 at at time. They did this once or twice then we never seen them again


    My dad works up in Mosney as staff and he informs me of some of the things they get up to.
    Now honestly, my dad is not one for exaggeration – seriously, he’s a quiet 65+ old man. If even half the stuff he tells me though is to be believed, its a disgrace that they are allowed stay in this country.
    He told me on one day, they were getting a (CIE) bus into town and one group had a double-buggy that wouldn’t fit through the doors. Rather than put it under the bus in to the large case sections underneath the bus, they threw it over the nearest hedge. They told my father that "what the hell – we can get another one off the health board!" – and they did!
    The absolute stuff that is wasted up there is something shocking. buggies, prams, furniture, cookers, heaters, cars! The list goes on.
    Apparently now they have set up courses back home to teach those coming over what exactly to claim for, how often they can get away with it per week/month and whom to go to about more free stuff!
    It was mentioned too that there is a lot of them also claiming the dole or emigrant status just across the border there too, they pretending to be resident up there too as new residents. So they are doubling up on the money available!

    In one case there was a lady that owned TWO jewellery shops back home. I kid you not. She came over here though as an emigrant to also claim the many benefits i(including the now yearly thousand Euro per child) so that she could help herself to retire earlier in life!

    They are ruining the opportunity for genuine others (to enter Ireland) by their actions and attitude towards the rest of the population of Ireland.
    They are taught that if anyone dare speak up about these things they do, they are to play the "racialist card" for its nice and handy for them to be able to get themselves out of so many situations and crimes.

    Someone in the Dail needs to finally get some guts and say "enough is enough!"
    Let me in there – I’d ruddy do it!!! 👿 👿 👿
    – and not hesitate about saying it either I might add!


    I too had a lot of dealings out in Mosney, I didnt work in mosney but would have to visit daily. Some of the illness and the sickness is shocking and it all stems from the horific backgrounds some of these people came from. The conditions are far from Luxury, how can you say all the mothers fecktheir buggies over hedges, we have Irish scumbags who piss in the street inbroad daylight, mug grannies, deal drugs, drive wih no insurance, they might live in the same street/area but the doesnt mean we all live by those standards and we are guilty be association.

    Some of the stories I have heard from the mosney residents would break your heart, when you have to deal with a woman or a mother of a young girl who has massive health problems due to female circumcision, you wouldnt begrudge them a safe refuge in Ireland. We are a wealthy country and its our obligation to look after others.

    A fact about Mosney that most people dont know, is that mothers with kids have to use a comunal laundry and they cant cook for themselves, ALL their food is served up in a canteen…… I was most offended by this fact, the right of a parent to feed their children themselves has been taken away, I think they have taken away a basic human right. They have their accommodation, medical cards and Food supplied then they are given a basic allowance to provide any "other" needs.
    I know many residents in mosney can be as rasist against white people aa many Irish are rasist against any who "Looks different/non Irish", but in my time dealing with the residents in mosney they were very proud, caring, greatful, warm and most of all very humble people…….. I hate people taking cheap popshots at the mosney residents as its not all a bed of roses for them
    Sorry but its a pethate of mine


    A lot of what you say is very true. On the whole, if we were in the same boat as most of them now are up there, we too would be seeking to further ourselves in any way we could.
    The conditions are not ideal but they are willing to live with then temp-wise for they know that hopefully better things are to come with the granting of full residency.
    Sadly it’s always the smaller minority that taint the rest. A smaller percentage of those above just seem to be doing that and that is a shame for the rest of the residents from all the different countries.

    Please try not to mis-quote me – "all the mothers feck their buggies over hedges" – I never said that nor would I ever!
    Thats only a simple case, an example that again of which a small minority seem to treat what they get (so giving warmly in charity) with little thanks and think they have an automatic god given right to think nothing of the value and efforts for them to receive such items. That small percentage is again, ruining the good character etc of the rest and thats a damn shame.

    80% + of those that have made it to our shores, have done so in order to better themselves and/or their families. We were that way once when we too once invaded America at famine time.They have made it here also to get away from political or social systems that are so far backward and/or corrupted that a decent way of life up till they reached Ireland, was only a dream for them.

    As i have stated at the start of my previous comment, I have worked for many long periods over the years with a lot of nationalities and have no qualms in doing so again. I found them to work just as hard, if not harder in fact. When you have come from a place that has little or nothing, one does appreciate more so the chances later on that life has given you again and for most, are appreciative of any work and social opportunity to improve ones life.

    Yes, we too have our "scumbags" and like a small percentage of bad elements that is coming in and ruining the name and reputations of the rest traveling with them, a fear of the law has to to installed into all (Irish or otherwise) across the board into those that treat public decency and laws as something to be taken lightly.
    This is not just an Irish problem however. England, France, Germany, etc also have the same problem to various degrees. It’s not something that is going to go away but it is something that does need to be tackled. So far it hasn’t and thus we are experiencing further social problems at street level. As we are not tackling the problem, I can only see matters getting worse. Paris last year paid such a price for not tackling the problem. I pray it never gets that far here and we do more to integrate better those, the majority, that are decent and law abiding travelers to our shores.
    I personally would work along side any nationality any day of the week no matter where they were from or what belief system they have. It annoys me that a smaller minority percentage of Romanians or others are perhaps sadly ruining the chances of more decent folk and families that are just out to seek a better life.
    That is a pet hate of mine!

    As for the decent rest of those that make it to our country – welcome to Ireland. May we all someday sit down beside each other in a pub somewhere and become old friends.


    I remember so many happy summers spent in Mosney as a child! God i cant imagine what its like nowadays. I have heard some horrible stories of girls and babies etc etc its just awful, but i agree its always the small minority that ruin it for everyone else but then that goes for every nationality doesnt it.


    I went to mosney for the first time about 7 years ago, it was an outing with the girl guides from Tallaght in Dublin ( it closed down the following year)
    I couldnt believe people went on holidays to such a shit hole 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    I worked in Mosney for two years as a barman. I can honestly say, the walking in public had no idea of the things that was done up there. The hygene alone was atrocious and as for… well, I’ll save it (with pictures to back up the evidence) for my book lol.

    I’ll say one thing. I got an education on life in many things up there while working and staying the two terms in the camp. "Hi De Hi" was childishly tame to the shenanigans that went on up there daily and more so nightly!


    I find it really hard to go past someone who is begging without dropping some coins in thier cup. I know I shouldn’t as it encourages them to keep doing it, but they look so pitiful. I wish the state would do moreabout them.

    There should be tighter restrictions on people coming here to beg…I mean what kind of ambiton is that.


    I was talking to some garda I know and they told me about a Romas begging ring, they arrested about 6 women and did a search and found very little money. But after giving them a full search in the station, they found the woman had rolls of cash (thousands bewteen the six of them) hidden inside their vaginas!!!!!!


    I think I was just a little sick after reading that

    God awful place to stash money…I shall be inspecting every Euro note I receive from now on 🙁

    …even then…blachh. Thank god for the Laser card.

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