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    I bought a 50e voucher from Romanza the day before Mother’s day, and a few days later it closed down…. Where do I stand on this and how do I go about getting my money back??? I am annoyed that they accepted my money when surely they knew they were closing down????

    I have tried contacting them, left messages etc but no luck yet!!!


    Oh no, I loved this restaurant. I know someone who works there, (or did work there), I’ll see if I can track them down and get an update on the situation.


    That would be fantastic, really don’t want to let them away with it….


    No you dont really have an legal rights, very wrong if they knew they were going out of business and took your money… i have stopped buying vouchers over the past 18 months after Zavvi went bust..

    As far as i know what happened with Zavvi you get added to the list of creditors, the voucher people are at the bottom of the list. If there is any money to be shared out, think anyone with vouchers get as little as 1% to 10% in some cases.

    Doesnt surprise me its going out of business, only ate there once and didnt like the place at all, the food was terrible, got steak and had to leave half on my place so fatty!!! I asked could i have more chilli jam and heard the cook roaring out "tell them its on their plate!!!" Couldnt wait to get out of the place, swore i’d never go back and guess i wont now
    Very sad to see another local business going to the wall!!! Our towns and villages will be like Ghost towns if this keeps going on
    Good luck


    Wasn’t my cup of tea either – i always found the place so draughty – had to sit with my coat on the number of times i was there – food was ok – i’m not surprised they are gone to be honest – much better restaurants around 😀


    D’Vine relocating to there, excellent restaurant


    oh really heard d’vine was lovely alright and good prices too…must check out when they move


    Hope D’vine build a porch !!! 😯 Brrrrrrrrrr

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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