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    This is sickening – Rolf Harris who we used to watch on Saturday evenings with his funny sketching and animals programmes, who seemed like such a nice man – has been arrested for child sex allegations in relation to cases connected to Jimmy Saville.

    I thought he was a nice guy – even now, looking back I can see something creepy about Jimmy Saville but not Rolf Harris. I would have had no idea he was also a predator, preying on innocent children.

    It makes my blood boil that these sick, depraved men got into jobs in a public industry where kids were practically lined up for them to abuse and when those kids said something, they were shushed by the BBC and anyone they spoke to – which only allowed them to go on and abuse more children.

    How have they got away with it for so long? If he is found guilty, he should be castrated. Its disgusting.


    Really hope that this isn’t true……innocent until proven guilty?

    could he just be helping them with info on Saville?….


    Oh, did not see that one.

    What I did see, which I found totally freaky, was a known paedo(had done time) escorted out of Scotch Hall a few weeks ago. My kids are always wandering off in Scotch Hall.

    Drogheda Community Alert – there is also a picture if you want to look up.

    Paedo Kevin Scully. Jailed for 20 years and released after only 4. Multiple charges of child abuse
    Thrown out of scotch hall last week and believed to be living in Drogheda.


    Rolf Harris?! Please tell me that all a mix up…. All the icons of my childhood tv viewing disapperaing into clouds of disgrace…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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