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    Pregnant mammy travelling alone with two sick toddlers trying to get west SAFELY for Christmas. Main roads from Dundalk to Dublin & from there to Longford, N4 / N5 to Castlebar.

    What are my chances? Have checked AA. Says roads in Longford, around Mullingar & Mayo bad. Would be staying on main roads. Any feedback on any stretches gratefully received.

    Any good stop-off points? Mcdonalds, etc….

    Many thanks


    AA are the best or local radio… good luck, drive safe and leave plenty of time.
    Sorry cant help dont know those parts too well xxx
    Merry Christmas

    Financial Companion

    Pookie, the rte news website has just posted this a few minutes ago:

    Gardaí in midlands say driving conditions in the region are treacherous this evening.

    There is a dense freezing fog falling in Athlone, Mullingar and Longford.

    Gardaí are appealing to motorists to drive with extreme caution and to keep their fog lights turned on.

    Hope it’s of some help, not sure how compulsary your travel times are!

    Be careful out there!!


    Thanks for feedback, Taylor5 & Financial Companion.

    Can delay to 23rd if have to (won’t risk travelling Christmas Eve if I can help it – Santy might not find my boys!).

    Hubby was due to head overseas any minute now, but European airport chaos has thrown his company’s travel plans to hell worldwide…

    Would obviously prefer to be with family for Christmas Day, but if too dangerous will just have to be sensible & stay put. Lidl could be getting a last minute Christmas visit!!!

    Don’t you just love it when things run smoothy?! 😆


    Pookie – is there someone who could come and collect you perhaps? make it a bit easier on you?


    Sabbi, parents have their hands full – visiting 101 year old Granny daily in nursing home & have small farm so horses, sheep, cattle, donkeys also need attention. Biggest hassle is water freezing … They’d drop all if I askd them, but they’re both nearly seventy, & I’m hoping they’ll help out whenthe new baby arrives, so i don’t want to ask them

    Other bro in west is working (for fire service).
    Sis in west is teacher & her school is opening & closing like a yoyo.
    One bro working in Scot til 23rd, one in Dublin working til 24th
    One bro in Duleek (also working to 24th) but they have three including small baby, so hands full & roads bad up there I hear. He hopes to head west 27th so might convoy with him at that stage….

    Ah, I’ll be grand.
    It’s just the uncertainty that is driving me nuts…. 4-6 more inches snow forecast, but no one can say where….
    If the roads were safe, I’d drive it no bother.

    After four days of antibiotics, the older lad has turned the corner but had a nasty bout of tonsilitis etc & raging temps (39.8!). Now the younger guy’s temp is rising, has sticky eye & is white as a sheet & big black rings under eyes. Doc appointment for both at 10 tomorrow.

    Daddy still here (every cloud has a silver lining!!) as company can’t get him out, so am counting my blessings. Hopefully he’ll be here until the thaw.

    At least I have heat & water!!!! My aunt in Castleknock has had no water since Sunday….

    Worst case scenario, we head west when weather has cleared after Xmas. Just hope happens soon, as one bro coming home from Scotland (hopefully!) & haven’t seen him, wife or baby since April & they’re heading back New Year’s Day.

    Sure it’s mini-dramas like this that add excitement to life! 😆


    Have decided to stay put as just too dodgy to travel with small children when road conditons / weather so unpredictable.

    Brother on way from Scotland to Mayo got as far as Irish airspace this a.m. only for Dublin airport to shut. Was diverted (along with wife & baby) to WATERFORD!! Got a train from there to Kildare eventually. Then two hour wait before getting train to Athlone eta 19.30. Overnighting there & hoping to continue west tomorrow. They’re staying cheerful, but it makes mne glad I stayed put.

    M1 north of Dublin also treacherous & truck accident closed N5 at Tulsk until mid-afternoon which would have necessitated a really long, narrow diversion along untreated roads…. Just hope thaw sets in as forecast…


    Your so right to stay put Pookie2 – i defo wouldnt chance it and im not pregnant 😆 😆 I was wondering about you today whether you did head off…..i was hopin you didnt !! You are better off where you are – hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. 😀


    Pookie, Sorry you cannot go, but you have to be safe.

    Now you’re staying, you might like to know we saw turkeys in Tesco from 12 euro today if that helps! Best to stay safe…mind yourself and happy christmas. xx


    Dunnes had loads of hams and turkeys, but think they were frozen, woudl they deforst by 25th??? Aldi do a turkey crown that you can cook from Frozen (i think)

    Glad to hear you didnt risk it the West got very bad snow about 2 days ago, hope your hubby got to say home too xxxx
    Merry Christmas and hope you get down West after thebaba arrives


    Ta for good wishes, all. Got home on 27th but took nearly 6 hours.

    McArdles did a wee bit of a stuffed turkey crown on Christmas Eve & I’d bought a small ham in Lidl just as well. We managed grand – and the kids were thrilled with Santy.

    Bedlam west – 7 kids under 5 & two more due by Paddy’s Day.Visitors divided onto three houses as we have reproduced ourselves out of Granny & Grandad’s!

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