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    Its a very fitting tribute they are giving to Nelson Mandela at the moment with his funeral farewell. Nice to see them honouring such an inspirational man. He had a huge impact and will be remembered fondly by many and he got to a great age so it makes it easier to accept his death.

    RIP Nelson Mandela.


    Yeah, it makes a difference when someone is old – and has been ill… My Gran was nearly 103 and though we were sad to say goodbye, it was more a celebration.

    Looking at the reaction to his death, I can’t help wondering if I couldn’t be a better person myself….


    I know what you mean pookie….desmond tutu said during the week that Nelson Mandela reminded us all of what we could be and it struck a chord with me; its amazing how much one person can achieve yet remain sincere and pleasant throughout. I can never understand how people think that by shouting the loudest or throwing their weight around they think they are going to get somewhere.

    I also thought it was lovely that our president was asked to make the keynote speech on behalf of Europe, it always amazes me how our little country manages to punch well above our weight.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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