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    thursday morning 2 am i went into very early labour dp rang the ambulance by the time i got to hostipal unconious wit the pain i woke up 5 30am to relise my twins girls were gone they wouldnt survive it was to early i had an emergency c section i signed my self out yesterday couldnt stand being in that hostipal. :cry:

    Sabrinab 08

    Awww you poor pey.. i dont know wat to say to you.. ive been reading all your posts and was so happy for you.. im so so so sorry. i jusy dont know what else to say to you.. Stupid question but are you ok? i mean physically? im sure emotionally your a wreck. 😥
    Please go back and checked with the doc after having a section, make sure your ok xx


    so sorry to hear that Nicky , Make sure you make time to grieve properly for your little angels. ((((((HUGS))))))


    Aww Nicky,

    I am so sorry to hear that. 🙁 take care of yourself hun.

    thoughts are with you..


    awww i’m so sorry to hear that – u and ur angels are in my prayers… hugs.
    take care of yourself tho…



    thats awful …. try and get some arnica tablets and manuka honey to help with the healing of the wound etc .. take care of yourself..


    My heart goes out to you Nicky such sad sad news. Your little angels will be well looked after in Heaven xx


    Very sorry to hear that, xxx


    Very sorry to hear this news..

    Look after yourself… Your twin Angels will be looking after you.


    I cant begin to imagine what you must be feeling right now and I’m sure there are no words that can come anywhere near close to comforting you. So I will simply say that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care.


    i dunno wat am feeling at the moment its like a bad dream i want out of. everyone has being really good and all i do as snap at them i just can belive it happened i really got my hopes up.

    Sabrinab 08

    Of course you did love and why shouldn’t you have.. everyone deserve’s to be happy.. and you wil be pet. its just so sad and hard on you now.,dont try to hold back on emotions if you feel like shouting go for it..Those closest to you are gonna understand that.Make sure you have the support you need and the strength to get through. Im sure all the ladies on mt are behind yuo what ever you need 🙂 xxx


    God Nicky I havent been on in weeks (didnt even know you were pregnant) and Im very shocked to read your news.

    No words will make you feel better and all those around you will understand what your going through. Take care of yourself and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Also thank God that you have your dd as she will be a great focus for you and this might help you learn to live with your pain and your loss 😥


    sorry to hear that nicky, thoughts and prayers are with you at this hard time, but you will get there, shed tears, scream and shout, if need be, your angels are with you….xx


    so sorry to hear about your sad news, my thoughts are with you and your little angels…no words seem to be enough in a situation like this, make sure you take time to grieve and the most important thing is to talk about it whenever you need to….my heart goes out to you…good luck xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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