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    hi there
    I have moved into the grange rath area and am keen to meet up with people during the day, in the local area, i have a boy aged 2 years, i run my own baby imprint business and work from home . Whilst i grew up in the area i have been away for a while and most school friends are either no longer around or not having babies yet!!! Plus ..the town has changed sooo much its a bit wierd to get used to as the town i knew was via McPhails and McHughs not Astrotots!!!

    Anyhow, it would be nice to hear from anyone in my shoes and perhaps you can let me know the ‘in place to be!’. I have tried some of the playgroups………….
    or indeed if anyone is interested in meeting up in astrotots or simliar
    :D :?:


    hiya jelly belly welcome back to drogheda……and welcome to mumstown…..i’ve a 2yr old son too, we go to playgroups of which there are a few now which is great….astrotots wed morning is back which is a huge bonus…..what playgroups did ya try out….did ya like them? well you’ll get everything you need to know here and all are very nice so join in the chat and welcome back….


    quick response!!! sometimes you think your words just go out there into the ether and kinda dread a no reply !!!

    I go to the one in donacarney on a thursday but dont think much of it, the mums are nice but the venue is grotty, but i haven’t been going consistantly to a; suggest changing things, or b; get involved with organising stuff etc..

    what about you..are you local originally?


    hi jellybelly welcome
    i’m a mum of 3 (3mths, 16mths, 3yrs)
    i’ve been to just one playgroup in palace street the women are really nice there
    I’ve lived in drogheda all my life but just starting to join things now 🙄
    hope you find a group that you like, there really is a bit of choice now of where to go
    I’m going to try the astro tots one next week


    Hi Jelly belly,
    I have been to the one on thursdays in donacarney on and off too. I know what you mean, the building is a bit on the old side but there are a few nice mums there that i have met, but i just don’t get to go that often like yourself, my little lady (13months) usually naps around11am.
    I’m a blow in from the west (moved to bettystown 3 years ago) but if you want to get together sometime for a coffee and a chat just give me a shout always happy to meet mums in the same boat 🙂 🙂


    yeah know what ya mean about the one on thurs, i went to that one first with ds got very crowed and also a bit grotty mums were always nice but like you went on and off and found if you didn’t go every week ya kinda were left to the side……so started going to one on palace street, love that small group i’d like to think we’re welcoming group, the girls are lovely, i end up running around with the kids and ya see all the kids sit down for toast juice and the like so it’s busy with that then we have tea and coffee and toast ourselves, you should try make it, it’s on a tues 10-12 and only 2 euro, the only downside is the steps down to it, but there’s always someone there to help…..

    i’m a dub originally living here 4 years and love every min of it wouldn’t move back in a heart beat……living in mornington, so if ya ever fancy a meet up pm me, also sweetpea you’re only down the road, pm if ever bored and fancy a cuppa……

    going to astrotots on wed hopefully for a change on wed, that too is a good morning, now that ds is that little bit bigger and a little more adventerous should be ok…….

    but get out great to meet other mums around the area……a few of us arranged to go to thepics for a night out i was sick didn’t get to go, but moonflower, taylor, joey rudd , meabh and mumof2 went to see ps i love you, there’s always something to do even if it’s let the kids go wild or go to the pics whatever…..enjoy


    god joey your bab is 3 months already….my god, she’s so cute…..will you be there on tues you were missed last week


    yeah i should be there next week, wasn’t feeling well this week
    yeah T is 3 months on the 7th of feb just easier to say instead of how many weeks she is (she can roll onto her belly now 😯 )


    Joey you missed the cake, I got a cake for meabhs birthday and it was yummy! We were like pigs fighing over the last peice, well myself and scole were 😆 😆 😆

    We will have to look at any new films out in the movies or even a evening out bowling could be fun


    i got a cake for D’s birthday so i didn’t miss out much 😆
    i’ve never gone bowling….are you going out for mumstowns birthday?


    Jellybelly love your name, I have a 2 year old boy and I attend the Tuesday group on Palace street, its brilliant and the kids love it.
    Im a blow in but living her nearly 8 years and wouldnt go back to Dublin even if I was given a free house.

    I did go to the Thursday group, all the girls are lovely but I just stopped going as I started going to the Tuesday one…. could go to everything.

    Joey I dont think so, I dont want to commit until later, but dont think so at this stage.


    Hi there, fellow grange rath resident here, i have a 2 year old dd and 4month old also, have started to venture out again have been to astro tots on a wednesday which is good and go to kangaroo club on a friday, usually nobody there so dd can have a good run around !
    if you ever want we could meet in the estate for a walk…


    Welcome to Mumstown Jellybelly!


    WELCOME to Mumstown Jellybelly!
    We’re having a Mummy night out on the 15th of Feb if you’re interested?!?


    hi gemmal – hope this message finds you………still working out the reply function on this site !!! it would be fab to meet someone from the estate and would like to meet up. i’m on the boulevard……i am away all next week but am around from the 4th……………. 😀

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