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    Hi all,

    My friend had a baby girl just over two weeks ago, unfortunately she is terminally ill, although you wouldn’t know it to look at her, she is perfectly formed & a lovely little girl, all 4lbs 8ozs of her. It is so sad for them.

    My friend is delighted to have been able to bring her baby home & is now looking for nurses in the Drogheda area to do some night shifts minding her.

    They will be paid by the Jack & Jill foundation – cash in hand (as far as I know).

    If you are a registered nurse and want some extra work, all you have to do is contact Jack & Jill foundation to register, if takes two minutes, I think they just check that you are a registered nurse.

    If you know any nurses that may be interested, then please, please send them this email.

    Then pm me & I will pass on your contact details to my friend.

    Everyday is a bonus for this little princess, so please don’t delay responding.
    Please keep this little girls in your prayers. Your heart would break for them.

    Thanks a million.


    I’m so sorry to hear this. I dont know any nurses off-hand but I will definitley keep it in mind. My thoughts are with this little girl and I hope she can bless us with her presence for as long as possible.


    thats so sad , will say a prayer for them it really hits home as ds is only 2 weeks old too 😥


    God that is sooo sad, Im 16 weeks pregnant and you just expect to have a healthy baby. I’ll say a prayer for them, my neighbours unborn baby has problems and will either die when its born or will need massive surgery and here was me moaning about havng morning sickness.

    One of my neighbours is a nurse and she is on maternity leave, she works in the ICU in Crumlin childrens hospital, so would be well used to sick children. If I see her over the weekend I’l ask her if she would be intrested in the work cash in hand.


    Thanks for all your replies. I agree, it is so sad for them.

    She is a little fighter & almost three weeks old now.

    I’m still looking for registered Nurses.

    They do have a very small list of nurses but their availability isn’t great, so i am trying to help make that list bigger, so even if you know someone who can just do a night or two that would be great.

    Thanks again for your help.


    Just to let you know that sadly this little angel passed away this morning.

    She graced us with her presence for 22 days & I feel very privileged to have met her.

    May she rest in peace.

    Please keep her family in your prayers, as I know they will be in mine.

    Thank you for your messages & help.


    Oh Edel, so sorry to hear this…. my thoughts are with the family.


    all my thoughts are with the family at this time
    i don’t know what else to say as i’ve never gone through something like this
    hope the little one finds peace


    ah god im in tears reading this poor little angel


    I know what you mean Joeruddy, i haven’t a clue what to say myself or what to do for that matter, either.

    Do i call or phone or do i leave them alone with their grieve.

    I have sent a text but it just feels so inpersonal or something?

    Do i drop up sambo’s or a dinner or is that imposing.

    Its so hard to know, especially when as you said " You haven’t been through it yourself"

    Then when i do met them, how do you know the right thing to say!!!

    I think i will just see if i hear back form the text & take it from there.


    that is so sad , so sorry


    Edel just let them know your there and thinking nof them, nothing you say or do will make them feel better, but knowing thatyou are there will mean the world to them.
    If I were you well then yes I would call, but not over impose.

    Dont forget they will have great support now but as the weeks go on they will need the support and kind words more then ever.


    oh Edel sorry to hear this


    so sorry to hear about this little angel passing!

    the best you can do is to just be there! id call up and offer your help, im sure they will be very grateful edel!


    so sad reading this post, our thoughts are with your friend, this is such a tough time for them, just be there when they need you, it’s a very to know what to do just as the weeks go by and people then leave them to their own devices that’s really when she’ll need you more than ever……i really don’t know what to say my heart is breaking thinking of their pain and the little baby……so sorry again, wishing them strength and courage thoughout this hard time. x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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