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    Oh no…my poor little 7yr old has a respitory infection. She has asthma but its not usually a big issue for her but its really flared up now. She’s got laboured breathing and a terrible cough and blocked sinuses.

    I took her to doc on call yesterday and she’s got ear drops with antibiotic and steroid in them.

    If no improvement by tomorrow, back to doc.

    Poor little chick is snuggled into me now, wheezing her little chest off.

    Thank goodness I’m able to work from home next few days.

    Although after a night of very little sleep I doubt I’ll be getting much work done



    Soooooo tired. Rough couple of nights, her breathing was very laboured and it was hard to sleep listening to her chest crackling and her breathing so raggedy. I was so worried about her but thankfully, today she seems to be a litle bit better.

    I cancelled all work this week until Thursday so I can stay home and mind her and thankfully, my hubby will be back from a work trip tomorrow night so he can take over for a bit then.

    I am so tired – its been rough having her so ill with Daddy not here.

    But she’ll be back to herself soon I hope.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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