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    Reptile Village Zoo at Funtasia Waterpark
    1st May – 31st August

    Education comes alive as you step inside a pre-historic world to see, learn about, touch and even hold some of our planet’s most fascinating creatures!

    This fun and hands-on exhibit has some of the world’s most interesting species on display with everything from large pythons to tarantulas and toads to tortoise and even some Caiman Crocodiles!

    The Reptile Village Team will take customers on a guided tour of the exhibits, telling them all about the animals including their role in nature, how they catch their prey and much more!

    You can then be taken inside our ‘Tropical walk through Enclosure’ where we house Green Iguanas, Tortoise and more! Inside here you will get to touch and hold some of these friendly lizards and learn all about the evolution of the tortoise shell! After your guided tour we get to the best bit…. ‘The Animal Encounter Zone’! It is here we will test your courage to find out if you are brave enough to hold big snakes such as Burmese pythons, boa constrictors or tackle your fear by coming face to face with a tarantula or a Snapping Turtle!

    All tours and interactions with animals are carried out by trained professionals, using carefully selected animals from Reptile Village Zoo.

    Price: €5 per person

    The reptile enclosure is also available for birthday parties: Visit and book a Reptile Ranger Party now for only €14.95 per person (includes meal).

    Are you a group leader, teacher or summer project assistant? Our Reptile Zoo is only €2 per person when booked as part of a Funtasia Waterpark tour. For more information on tour bookings contact us on 041 9898000.


    Cool – my son would love this. Must bring the kids in.


    sounds brilliant


    Sounds brill

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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