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    Need help!

    Bought a lovely green top, wore once and dripped olive oil on2 it. Has beading on so dry cleaners won’t touch it. Is handwash and made of 100% viscose. Any tips on how to remove. Unsuccessful efforts include applying fairy liquid (app contains a de-greaser?), ironing onto brown paper and careful washing.



    was gonna suggest the brown paper, but you’ve tried it perhaps search on line there maybe a tip somewhere out there for ya, hope ya get sorted…

    it in doubt ask your mom or an older mom they know everything 😆 😉


    there is normally a helpline number on the side of your detergent packet. they can help u. i know using fairy liquid can help oily stains. rince top under warm water apply liquid to the stained area, and rub in gently , then put straight into washing machine.


    My suggestion is to put some talc powder on stain and dab with tissue to take off excess then get your washing powder and dab onto stain and then was as per instructions. If there is still some stain after washing see if ironing it with some brown paper. Hopefull this helps


    Would soda crystals diluted work? They remove all sorts of grease stains etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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