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    Today was due date of our first baby we lost to miscarriage. Its very sad but I like to remember him or her today, feel its least we can do to honour the little life.

    I’ll never forget seeing his or her little heart beating during the ultrasound and wishing and praying it would all work out but sadly, it was not meant to be and we lost our baby at almost 13 weeks.

    I am so glad we got to see the heart beating, it meant so much at the time; its a nice memory I keep with me.

    :cry: :cry:


    Hello Sabbi,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, must have been very difficult time for you. My aunty miscarried at 30 weeks, it was horrible, she knew the sex of the baby and already had a name too. It’s been 12 years since then and she still talks about it, unfortunately for her she hasn’t been able to get pregnant again, very painful experience to go thru.



    That’ so sad. I think that has to be one of the worst things that can possibly happen to a woman – to lose a baby and never have another, its so awful. So sad for her, that’s heart breaking.

    We have been so lucky to have 4 healthy babies. We will never forget the 2 we lost, the first one in particular who we are remembering today as it was his/her due date because we saw this baby’s heartbeat. I will never forget it – seeing the baby on screen, even though we were told it was not looking good because the baby was way too small for the dates we had, I am glad we got to see that.

    Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but its a nice memory to have.


    Ah Sabbi thinking of you x x

    These dates are very hard but it’s important to remember and take some time to grieve x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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