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    I have to say I had a very disappointing experience in Relish In Southgate recently. The place is so well decorated and the food looked amazing. I was dying to try it. I brought the kids in after a long day. I didn’t want to cook as it was late and had brought my little boy for an eye app in Temple st. They were a bit over tired and acted up a little bit but we were in an out pretty quickly.

    The food was bland and the staff were very unfriendly. They kept looking over at our table as if they were not happy for us to be there. The lettuce was slightly off and I did not enjoy myself there at all. Hard to part with my €30 or so.

    Disappointing after so many nice meals in Relish, Bettystown. Won’t be going back. In this day and age one would expect a little bit more.


    Did you tell them Scarlett? They would probably have tried to make it up to you if you had complained, as I find they are usually very helpful in Relish.

    We also usually go to the one in Bettystown too, so not in there that much but they seem nice when we do go in.

    Hope it does not turn you off too much – the Relish’s are usually very good.


    Didn’t say it. Have no problem with confrontation or anything. It wasn’t really until I was out in the car that I realised how unpleasant it had been. My mother thought so too.


    Theres a new Relish on Laurence Street in High Lanes Gallery. I work nearby so have gone in a couple of times for lunch but its always so busy that i have to get a take away but have to say, it was delicious. I would go there everyday, if i could afford it.


    Have not been to the Highlanes ones yet – must get in soon and check it out!


    Been to the Relish at the Highlanes and was really busy so not really the place for a leisurely chat so prefer the one in Southgate, but the food was very good – the brown bread in all the relish branches is fab,makes me go back always!


    Was at Relish at the Highlanes Gallery for the first time today, it was very busy, and there was a queue to get seated!
    We both got chicken ceasar salads and have to say they were delicious!

    Staff were ok, they were very busy! That was my first Relish experience, but will definitely go back again!


    Southgate is lovely but i think Bettystown is still my favourite


    I had a bit of a weird experience last week. I went in with my toddler to have a cup of coffee and feed him and the Manager woman looked very unfriendly. I felt like she kept giving me grumpy looks (although she might just be generally grumpy). When I paid she wouldn’t look at me or smile at all. I’ve never seen her before and usually always had a very good experience and always found the staff friendly and helpful.


    Try the Eastern Seaboard around the corner, its Fab !!!!!!!1

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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