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    these i’ve seen before but i can never get ones with my ds’s names pain in the bum…want to get one for my ds’s wagon that santa’s bringing

    so has anyone any idea where ya may get them?
    have seen people with them on their buggies but in shops they have them too that you attach to kids bikes that have their names but can’t get christopher or richard…..

    any ideas?


    There is a shop in town that will make one up for you with the name of your choice. It’s a car parts shop opposite the entrance to the supervalu car park and the Library. Not sure of the name of the street. I recommend that you buy it now as the price may increase the closer we get to Christmas.


    That is such a cool idea…. I’ve got the same problem with my dd’s name. I’ve got the reg plate on my ds bike…… and I have to say, it is great….
    Let me know if you come right with the place that will make them up, cos I’ll probably do the same….


    Theres lovely ones on but a bit pricey.

    I got little ones on a display rack in (former) Supervalue in Bettystown a few weeks ago.

    They had all the kids names but mine of course!. I painted the names out with white paint then painted my kids names back in. They were only about 3 euro each.

    Also saw the same rack in the town centre newsagent downstairs facing the aib bank last week.

    PS: it wont be that easy when they want pens and mugs 😆


    thanks guys, still looking so any more tips fire this way

    kate i saw those plates but can’t get ds’s names, you think i named them chewbacca and darth vader (well i may be more successful if i had 😆 )

    will keep looking….might drop into that shop in town and see…just wonder what i’d get written if putting on the wonder wagon??


    Did u try the shop at the back of the town centre, they have them…but I dunno if they have your sons names at all.


    found these guys who do them


    Just been on e-bay……

    much much cheaper…. less than half the price…. and you make it up as you please.


    hi scole1

    I got mine in SUPERVALU Navan, they usually have stands etc with them.

    If you want to pm me ds name , sorry i Forget, to busy remembering my naked chat in Galway :):):) LOL LOL

    I can get it for you and post it to you ?



    have a look in some of the card shops in the town, sometimes they would have bits like this…

    Supervalue in Drogheda have a stand, but I think they are for the kids bedroom doors.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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