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    Hi Mums!! i’m new to this site, and looking for some support Ive started reductil today and wondered has anybody else tried it ??? ant advice wud be greatly appreciated :D


    I have never tried it, but i wish you luck with it. Losing weight has become the bain of my life..on diets for nearl 8 years now and i still look the same as the day i gave birth if not a bit bigger!!!


    Hi thanks for ur message, i’m d same i’m really struggling though. just seem to have no will power, hopefully desperation will get me through this time 😆


    Ive been trying everywhere to get them!! They are excellent! They are prescribed, a lot of girls i know got them in spain, turkey over the counter etc. They def work. Make sure to drink tonnes of water! Best of luck.


    brilliant! a friend bought them on the web but she couldnt take them coz of high blood pressure! so of course i took hand and all , i had read about them and had wanted to ask my doc for them but she’s a wagon of a woman so i’m afraid to ask 🙁


    happy how is the lipo going?? you know that new OTC pill Alli is half strength reductil, worth a look at if you wanted to try the reductil.

    same here miss, no will power at all, my problem is boredom eating, not even hungry…but im slowly but surely getting out of that habit 🙂

    how did your first 2 days go?


    Hi I gave in after day 3, plus i had a very heavy cold and needed to eat!!!! and couldnt even take lemsip. The headaches where horrendous aswell.

    Ah well, im walking now and hopefully will tone up that way.

    Love to get my hands on reductil!!! So can ya take two of the otc alli pills???? :lol::lol:


    thanks for d messages girls, makes a difference to know i’m not alone on the dreaded weightloss journey 😀
    first two days were fine feel full all d time but did have a flight bar yesterday 😳 haven’t done any excersise yet either…..i’m blaming d weather. i really hope i suceed this time!


    yeah that lipo is a disaster alright, the fact that you cant eat at all, not even a chewing gum 🙁

    miss glad to hear your doing well 🙂


    Good luck with the weight loss everyone. Be careful taking Reductil without you Doc’s approval there can be side effects look it up on web, blood pressure and depression are two of the big ones.

    As far as I know the new over the counter one is different, it stops fat being absorbed (just goes straight through you-with very a unpleasant side effect) Reductil is an appetite reducer.

    Unfortunately for any of them to work you still need to reduce the energy in (food) and increase the energy out (exercise) – I’m only good at the oppisite 😳


    Good luck and yes i second getting doctors point of view on any diet methods you may want to try!

    keep as posted we would all want to know the secret to weight loss.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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