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    Financial Companion

    Quite a few people seemed to get something out of a blog I wrote last year, by changing how they view certain things and prioritising differently. Here is a link to it so you can have a read. Any questions, feel free to ask (if confidential, use contact details on the website.)


    Great advice as always Dave

    at this time of year parents start to get stressed thinking about Christmas so its good to do a financial overview and get things in order so it doesn’t become a huge worry.

    If we all spent a little less at Christmas and thought a bit smarter about how to spend our hard earned money, I think January would be easier to deal with!!


    I’ve decided not to overspend this Christmas. There is so much stress and worry about Christmas and for what? so we can all be broke in january. im just not doing it. going to get smaller gifts and only for people close to me and family. we are doing secret santa too in our family to cut down on how much we spend each year. its all so wasteful when you really think about it


    We are doing secret santa in our family, it cuts down on the amount of gifts we need to buy and lessens the financial strain. its such a mental time of year and i think we all need to spend a little less and calm down a bit more

    Financial Companion

    Yep, it really is worth taking stock at this time of year and looking back at things you bought for Xmas that you really did not need or is still sitting there or needs to be thrown out. Make a list and keep it safe to remind you next Xmas what not to get.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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