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    my skin has always been okay, prone to few spots on my chin thats about it. On my last pregnancy though, red patches came up on my cheeks. they also look like they have little spots – not like pimples just like raised red spots. :?

    I’ve sought advice in the chemist as well as during facials & have been told that its hormonal & given advice as to how to cover it up until it clears. My baby is now 6 months & its not really getting any better. During my last trip to the beauticians, the girl told me that it was really only the chin that was affected by hormones, not the cheeks & that it looked like damage from the wind/sun when walking & to make sure use plenty suncream. I’ve been using this as well as my own moisturiser – which has SPF – but it hasnt made a huge difference. Any suggestions as to what else I could do – its the redness that bothers me most rather than the

    thanks :)



    Most of us get a spot or two from time to time. I know that you must be getting fed-up with these pimples on your face. Acne/spots on the jaw-line or lower half of the face would often be associated with hormonal issues and may take time for the skin to settle down after having your baby. In saying that, your skin type may change altogether as your skin type can change every 7 years. It would be advisable to see your GP or a dermatologist as OTC products may not help and you may require a skin specialist to advise you further. It may also be worth checking your diet as you may need to cut food types out of your food intake i.e. dairy, yeast, wheat, or any number of things. It might be no harm to get an allergy test done.

    As for the redness you can use a concealer and dab it in onto the effected area. There is also a special type of concealer available that is (it may sound strange) a light green in colour that neutrailise the redness. Use it that under your make-up (if you wear it) it will help with the redness and finish up with a ‘flesh’ coloured concealer with a little powder over it to keep it in place. Many cosmetic companies do ranges of concealers. In addition always be careful what products you use on your skin care routine and avoid harsh products.

    Hopefully this is of help to you.

    Elave Skincare

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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