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    Noeleen, think i was there the same day as you, i wasnt impressed to be honest…
    First off we were served by 2 kids and i didnt see any staff around except, the tractor driver..
    The play area seemed dangerous in my opinion, cement ground, 2 of the slides had a drop from the bottom to the ground, dd1 had a bruise on her backside from it..And i reckon the slides were polished too as dd kept slipping sideways on them..
    The animals to me seemed hungry,they were practically climbing across the fence to get food off you when you came in…
    The coffee shop is a disaster, we hadnt brought a picnic and were there at lunch time, ended up getting the kids a pkt of crisps and sweets to keep them going and then bringing them for lunch on the way home..
    The swings outside arent secured in at all and were lifting when kids swung on them..
    Overall we didnt enjoy it and dd1 who is 8, said she wouldnt like to go back, much prefer newgrange and pudden hill, for a day out…


    ye one of the goats ate my map of the place 😆 😆



    Does anybody know if Red Mountain Farm is still open or does it close for the winter. I can’t find a phone number for it.



    hi boo
    have a flyer here but doesnt say if they close for winter – sunday opening is 2 to 5, and phone no is 041 9823221


    I’m sure when I was there it said open every day except xmas, but defo be worth giving them a shout. is good fun, esp if dry, but the barn with all animals in was the ONLY barn with all animals in when i was there, so don’t let kids hurtle round double quiick time and b onto the next as there isn’t a next animals wise! Although there is go karting, animals in feild, play area, bleu barrell ride and i think pony and trap rides on a sun.



    yes i think their intention is to stay open all year round


    we went last weekend after hearing such rave reviews about it…but was slightly disappointed i must say….coudl really go round in an hour…so unless u go on a busy day with lots of other children…its not so much fun…indoor playground part great though…tractor rides good….poor animals yes seemeded to be very hungry but maybe they do that for reason……because if they were fed too much would not b good…so they proabbly get their dinner in evening after all visitors have gone…but animals were disappointing…all shut up in a small barn…poor things….

    great idea..but not best in area ….but give it time & i am sure it will be!!


    Thanks for all the replys. My daughter just brought a flyer home from school today from Red Mountain Farm, they have Halloween Haunts and Christmas Experience and they are open year around. I’ll prob check it out next weekend.

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