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    Well girls we went today and I have to say I was pleaseantly suprised……after a mixed bag of reviews here about the place. The kids loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was exceptionally well decorated I must say and there was a good bit for the kids to do.

    None of the kids liked the graveyard as it was pitch black hahaha but it was hilarious listening to them saying get me out of here lol.
    They made halloween cards…bracelets, ghosts. We got to bring a pumpkin home too.

    Id defo recommend the trip up!!!

    Looking forward to the Christmas trips now :)

    Only one flaw was….maybe there should have been a diff in the price for kids and adults. €13 for the kids was grand, as they got loads out of it but €13 for adults was a bit much as all we did was walk around with them………in saying that i didnt mind paying it …..just thought i might put the suggestion out there :)


    I was there yesterday – with 5 KIDS (!!!!!!!!!) and have to agree…

    Lots of effort had been put in, although did think the "pumpkin field" a bit random – effectively a barn with some pumpkins on a bed of straw and a scarecrow, the big attraction of this being, as pointed out by our guide, kids could stand ON said straw and have photo taken?!? But the three other areas were a marked improvement, terrifying in places, so well worth a visit.

    Am nearly sure it was advertised as a two hour experience, and maybe our guide was due a brew or something, but we were round and left in last barn (the great one with zip cord, spell casting, face painting etc) after half an hour! So think and hour or hour and fifteen maybe closer to the mark. Suppose then, you may then question the cost, but i do have to reiterate, a great time was defo had by all in my party.


    Yeah we were done in an hour but we went to the farm with the animals, the kids went on the go karts and the barrell train and spent ages in the hay maze, so we left about 4.45………



    But i spent a good half hour deploying the kids in secret missions to acquire a not-strictly-allowed number of pumpkins!

    😆 😆 😆


    hummm…. we were there on Thurs, not so keen. I left feeling like I’d been ripped off which is a terrible feeling. €52 is alot to pay for a trip out.

    The games barn was fantastic – kids spent just about an hour in there and really enjoyed themselves. The teenagers running that room were great too – really enthusiastic and patient and helpful.

    The spooky house was too dark for little ones and the train/tractor ride was a disaster! It was very poorly managed and children were allowed to just jump on from the back before children in the lines. The fella running around in the SCREAM costume scared my little man half to death…we had nightmares and all last night. 🙄

    I dunno, just felt that the cost was too high for what it was. We were there an hour and 15 min and it was plenty.


    Jene – did you know that Mumstowners get 4 in for price of 3? Just hope you got that discount when you went.

    I was going to go yesterday or today but the weather kept me away because kids had all been sick this week and did not want them catching colds.

    if its really nice Sunday might go over for a bit…will be swamped with trick or treating etc tomorrow!!


    We didn’t even have the train/tractor ride!

    Must’ve missed that one!

    Anyone else any views?


    Nope, no discount. And there were 13 of us. Each paid for their own family – so for me it was me and 3 kids = €52


    But Jene, did you quote mumstown at the time you wrere paying? Reckon they are pretty ood on pricing if you are sure to ask, in my experience anyway.

    I had already bought my 5 tix when the mumstown offer went up. I emailed them and explained the score. They emailed straight back, no prob, pick up 13 quid refund when you turn up, and that’s exactly what happened, no prob.


    Hello Jene,
    You have to mention the Mumstown special offer when paying your initial fee – that’s the only way you can avail of the offer for Mumstown members.


    No, we didn’t know about the discount but it isn’t the discount I have an issue with – I don’t really have an issue at all really. 😆

    I was just giving my opinion that for the average mum on the street with 3 kids €52 is alot for what is was and the time that was spent there. Just on comparison, €13 is more per head than we paid for DD’s birthday party at a similar establishment – they got food, treats, entertainment, etc

    It seems most enjoyed it which is great – I am just saying that I wouldn’t personally go back to that particular event.

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