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    Hi all,

    We’re finally getting away for a weekend alone, so would love some recommendations of a lovely hotel to stay in. We are open to suggestions as to even to get a meal on our own (without constantly getting up to look after someone -you know the scene! :) is a treat!! Location not too much of a problem either. Love to hear of your experiences …………So excited……. :D




    Woo Hoo!! Its so nice to have a romantic weekend away without the little ones every once in a while.

    A few months back my hubby and I went to Farnham Estate in Cavan and it was divine. We were a pair of lazy sods for 2 days without the kids and loved every minute of it. Lovely food, gorgeous rooms, the spa is fab and there are no kids allowed in the pool/spa area, so total relaxation. We had massages which were great and then spent some time in the pool, which has an indoor and outdoor section – so you can actually swim outside and lift your head & shoulders out of the water and you are surrounded by the rolling hills of the countryside. So your body is warm but you are breathing in fresh country air. Its brilliant.

    We really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend as a spot without the kids.

    Enjoy yourselves, where ever you end up going!


    Thanks for your suggestion Sabbi, but we’ve already been to Farnham a couple of years ago, so was going to try somewhere different.

    Any other suggestions!



    Tinakilly house in Wickow is beautiful. They have their own vegetable garden and gorgeous rooms & restaurants and its in such a stunning location too. We went there for a wedding anniversary without kids and it was fab.


    we were in farnhamestate before too, its lovely but my fave place to go is Fota Island Hotel and spa, its gorgeous and anytime we went the food and staff are lovely and rooms are super comfy!!! Dont think the drive would be too bad now with the new motorway?? also cobh is only a few euro in a taxi and has some lovely little places for drinks and dinner…



    We’ve been to Tinakilly House too!! Although many moons ago – really lovely, even had a private dining room! Food really good too.

    I’d love to go to Fota Island but cant get dates we need:-(.

    Any suggestions for Galway anyone please?

    Thanks for all your help so far.



    What about Westport, the Castlecourt is brilliant, the food is great and the have a spa. We have been there 3 times and each time we say we are going on are own without the kids…still waiting. We were there over Easter, the town and people are lovely


    The G in Galway is supposed to be amazing, my sis stayed there and loved it – very expensive though but they do be on the super valu breaks sometimes. if you sign up to super valu for a reward card you automatically get 50 points and can book a mini break and you could use it for the G. If the dates are available.

    Radisson have a hotel in Galway, we’ve stayed in the Cork and Cavan ones and they are lovely so that might be worth a look.

    Hope you find somewhere fab!


    Osprey in Kildare is lovely..

    Carlton in Galway is good too..

    Just booked the Talbot in Carlow-with LIDI-BREAKS….

    🙂 🙂 🙂


    We stayed in the G last year and it was really lovely. I ve heard great reports about their spa too.

    My parents stayed in the Hotel Meyrick late last yr and said it was really lovely. Its a sister hotel of the G I think and it s on Eyres Square so really central. I think its where the Great Southern Hotel use to be.

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