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    Hi all, Some of you may have heard on LMFM that there was a women in Drogheda looking for a plumber. Well, that was me. I texted into LMFM as a last resort after getting fed up with no responsefrom plumbers I contacted and outrageous call out fees that some of them asked for. I also wanted someone to call during the day as opposed to the evening whe I’m trying to get DS to bed. Anyway, after yet another day of sitting in waiting for someone to call up who obvoiusly wasn’t coming, I contacted LMFM.
    That was last Thursday and I’m delighted to say that the job is now done thanks to Thomas the plumber who contacted me via LMFM. He came exactly at 11 as he said he would and charged me only 30e for the job. He refused to take any more even though he had travelled a fair enough distance to get to me.
    Anyway, I hope I’m not breaking any rules re; advertising and there’s nothing in it for me. I just thought such a decent young man deserved credit where it’s due. Anyone needing his number- i’ll gladly pass it on. :D


    Oh My God….lock him in a room…he is like gold dust!!!! 😀


    Oh My God….lock him in a room…he is like gold dust!!!! 😀
    Eh babsif thats what you did to your plumbers no wonder why they never came back the 2nd day 😆 😆 😆


    My immediate 3 neighbours are respectively a Mechanic, A plumber and an DH looks after there computer and console needs and we always get sorted out 😀

    My plumber neighbour had to rush round one day when the cistern was over flowing!!

    Good idea by the way to telephone LMFM


    I can also recommend a plumber in Dundalk – Kenneth – 0868974036 – called when he said he would, did job and didn’t charge me a fortune which was obviously great.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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