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    Hi all,

    Where can you hire a tuxedo locally at a good price?



    Where u off? hope it’s an awards ceremony!!!


    My Husband had to get one last month and McKenna Man in Dundalk prices start for the standard Tux at €55.00. It was pristine when he picked it up and I had great fun slagging him off and asking him for Cocktails (which I didn’t get, lol).


    What the ever shy and media novice has failed to mention, we have been shortlisted for the annual golder spiders awards and have been asked to attend the ceremony tomorrow night.

    The Evil Admin will have to get himself a tux and maybe a hair dye, I don’t want to look like a butler!

    Here’s hoping we do well and again a big thank you to Kelly, you started this crazy ball rolling…

    And a big thank you to everyone who voted for us.


    Did you get your Tux? God you were in there long enough 🙄 Ah dont dye the hair, nothing worse then a man trying to hide the grey, think men look much better with grey hair…. look at Richard Gere 😆 😆 😆


    Hahaha very funny, was hoping you wouldn’t see this thread!

    Granted some blokes can pull off the grey hair look and others, well some of us look like we head our head dunked into a pot of paint…its only a laugh, I think you know I don’t take these things too seriously.


    Saw tux shirts and dickie bows in Pennys for €8!!!! Surely that and a black suit is enough? Or maybe I am showing that I don’t get to go to these things?? Whats the difference between a TUX and a BLACK SUIT?? Oh, and I saw ex rental tuxes for €99 in Black tie…


    Hi Babs

    I asked the same question today, whats the difference between a Tux and suit, the answer given "…with a Tux you get a strip down your leg…" anyone got a marker and the closest Penny’s please!

    Another store told me the lapels are shiner, so that clears that one up!


    Covered buttons another difference and only one button at the font of a tux…don’t ask how I know…I just do 😆 Just thinking if you are going to be going to a lot of black tie events through your involvement with mumstown would you not be better off to buy? Surely you’d get a new one for €200 or less, four wears and it’s paid for itself. Or as Babs said, one second hand for €99…sure your couldn’t do wrong with that!


    Thanks Babs,

    I got the one in Penney’s for €8. It’s perfect with a nice black suit, and he already has a really nice Baumler one – I even treated him to a waistcoat as well today…he’s so lucky eh?

    That combined with my on sale dress from Dunnes for 12 euro will do us just fine. I’ll just accessorize it up well….its fair to say though you can pull off a black tie look on a budget. Which we had to do and in a hurry too, we only found out today we are going and its tomorrow night. Luckily we were able to get everything locally so at least we’re supporting local shops too!

    I hope we look alright on the night. I’m not expecting to win as we are so new to all this – but its great to be nominated so we are looking forward to it….

    Thanks for all your help today everyone!


    Hi Razzle Dazzle

    Tried on a few Tux’s today and yes one had one button but two other ones had 3 buttons, that seems to be a variance in different ones.

    In fairness I have a very good black suit that looks much better than the ones I had on today so I think I’ll take Babs idea and go with the cheap tie and shirt, next year I might get the fall down one and do a 007!


    I want tears, hugs, a real Gwynnie/Cammie moment when you win.

    I also want an extremely effusive vote of thanks and a mention that I am available for all weddings/communions/ba mitzvahs – all promotional work considered, blah blah blah!

    Come on girls, who else wants a plug!?

    But most of all, want to hear about the great and the good who were there, what they ate and any naughty business THE MINUTE you get back!!!!


    Hi Admin….think your right, alright about the buttons…think I must have been watching too many Jimmy Bond movies. 😳 Just have this image of him always opening one button on his tux..usually before the inevitable happened 🙄 😆 Anyway glad you got sorted and best of luck to you both tomorrow night..enjoy 😉



    What news?!?


    We had a lovely night, didn’t win but it was still very nice. It was especially nice that my James Bond look alike husband offered to drive, so I had a few glasses of wine!!

    Not many celebs there (Just one actually, the MC, Risteard Cooper who was very funny) but we had a good night anyway!

    Well, it was all going great until the zip broke on my dress and my lovely non tanned flesh was released for the world to see – but thankfully that happened just as we were leaving, so it was not the disaster it would have been had it happened at the start of the night!!

    Maybe next year we”ll win…..

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