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    My hubby and I both drive Renault cars. He has an 02 Laguna and I have an 04 Scenic. There are often electrical problems with Renault cars and we have both had a lot of problems with our electric windows lately.

    First the driver’s window on my car stopped working so I could not get it up or down (car parks were a nightmare!). I went into our local Drogheda Renault garage and they said they knew about the problem and they had it fixed for me, free of charge. Then my two back windows stopped working, I went back to them and they offered to pay 76% of the cost of fixing them because they accepted it is a fault in their cars, so it cost me 136 euro to have them fixed. Not great but better than paying the full cost.

    Now my husband’s driver and passenger windows and one of the rear windows on his Laguna are all broken and we cannot get them up or down, so the car is like a sauna on a hot day.

    We went back to our local Renault garage (where we always go, in fairness they are very nice) but they explained that Renault will not help with the cost of fixing these windows on this car. They said there is a ‘political issue’ within Renault where they will pay some or all of the cost to fix Meganes or Scenics (from 2004 onwards I think) but that Lagunas are not included. They have quoted us €285 per window to have them fixed. That is a total cost of €855 and is something we cannot afford.

    i wonder if we can do something to get Renault to reconsider their policy on Lagunas? That car cost almost 30,000 when we got it so it seems really unfair it is not covered when – which as Renaulthave admitted – it is their fault.

    any ideas?? I’ve emailed Conor Pope for pricewatch on Today FM but any other ideas welcome….


    Hi Sabbi,

    Just a quick reply but maybe try Eddie Hobbs. It was him who shamed Renault Ireland into fixing the electrics on Meganes as they had agreed to do so in the U.K. I contacted our local garage after this problem was highlighted and was told that the backlash from the airing of the programme was so strong that Renault were in talks about Irish customers. Anyway to cut a long story short, my windows were then fixed free of charge within a couple of weeks.
    Best of luck 😀


    Hi Sabbi,

    The product should be fit for purpose, basic consumer right. In saying that, the car is 10yrs old – they might argue natural wear and tear.

    Contact the Consumer Rights people.

    Hope you get sorted


    I have a Renault Clio & touch wood to date I havent had any problems with my windows but it was only after i bought it that i heard they can have problems down the line.

    I would be very interested to hear how you get on with this Sabbi.the only other person i can think of contacting that would get the word out is "TALK TO JOE DUFFY"!


    I emailed Conor Pope on Today FM, he is very good on these issues and I hope he’ll cover it on Ray D’Arcy show next week.

    Its so bloody annoying!! Not letting it go!!


    I haven’t worked in Motor trade for the last 6.5yrs and when I did prior to that as lOng as I can remember Renault always had the problem always
    You need to write to head office cc the letter to simi (society iRish motoring industry) and if you have any proof of previous work carried out or quotations of intent work include them it’s worth a shot they are well aware of the problem always have I’d say their problem is they’ve had to replace that many it’s cost them big big time with the creation of new parts refit etc they have to refund the garages that fit them and I’d say they are disputing this making it more difficult for their garages to obtain parts under warranty and process a reclaim that’s why they are charging they know that in the end if people are desperate they will pay even though that is unfair the garages can only do what head office agree to pay for there’s no ifs buts or ands unless the customer goes straight to the spurce. Fights their corner so try it and see… Best of luck


    Sabbi i had the same problem with my Laguna, it was an 03 and in 06 my first regulator went on the drivers side, it was just out of warrenty so it cost me 350e at the time, 12 months later the passenger one went and i never got it fixed, thank God for aircon.
    Renault did fix regulators on meganes but not lagunas, they did accept the magane had trouble but not the laguna, the consumer show had this on last year……renault did cover some makes and models but not mine, i traded it into renault with the regulator gone.

    The motor factor in the Fairgreen sells copy window regulators for Renaults for less then 100e and that guy in Bredin street is brilliant with Renaults.
    Good luck, hope you have better luck with them then i had

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