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    Yesterday was a really poxy day for me at work.I work in a library and we have 4 public computers that the public book on the hour and they are pretty much fully booked from when we open to when we close.

    A new session had started and the next person was waiting to go on but the previous person was still sitting there so i went over to let him know that his session was over and that the next person was waiting.Straight away he got aggressive with me saying that he hadn’t been here long etc…i repeated that the session had ended and the next person was waiting. he got up begrudgingly and started staring at me continually.

    Then he said that i was a a racist and the only reason i had asked him to move was due to him being black. i was really shocked and upset by this and asked him to take that comment back as it was untrue.he continued on a rant gesticulating very close to my face with his was very unnerving i asked him to let me speak as he just continued to shout in my of my colleagues was trying to calm him down and to stop speaking to me like that but he continued until he stormed out of the library.

    I am still really upset about it, and this man is in the library 4- 5 days a week to use the computers so i am going to have to continue seeing him and ireally dont know what is going to happen next.He said he is going to his local TD about it….i feel sick to my stomach and am just dreading work.

    He came back 2 hours later to use the computer but i didnt see him as i was in a room off the library with my junior book club.

    Any advice appreciated please



    Sounds like he is racist. He thinks you’re to get him cos he’s black – what a load of crap. write it all down, get cctv, get records of time he was on pc and get your facts together and wrriten down and do not worry about it. you did nothin wrong. thats disgusting carry on. shame on him



    If I behaved like that in a public facility I would expect to be thrown out and barred. His behaviour sounded threatening and I would expect there to be some onus on your employer to protect employees from such abuse. Can you speak to your manager about having this low life barred? If that’s not feasible, remember that this man is a bully so look him in the eye and don’t let him away with an inch. With regard to him making a complaint about you, I wouldn’t give it a second thought, I’m sure they are well used to dealing with nutters:-)



    I would most definitely write it all down and speak to your manager
    I can’t stand the whole thing of jumping to "your a racist" because they’re in the wrong grrrrrr. If he uses the computers regularly he knows how it works so should have been prepared to leave. nothing may happen going forward but i would definitely have your side on record!



    I have done an incident report & put it all down on paper and so has my colleague who witnessed it all.a couple of borrowers came up to me yesterday and said it was disgraceful the way he spoke to me and they felt he was just throwing in the race card for the sake of it.

    He came in to the library yesterday and i was the only one at the desk, he threw his library card down in front of me and pointed at the computers- instead of being a normal polite person and asking to book the computer.He is pure ignorant and rude, the thought of dealing with him everyday in work is making me feel sick in the stomach.

    Thanks for your support x



    Not sure if the guy is a racist himself but it really sounds like he is using the "race card" against you.

    It’s a very unpleasant yet effective way of intimidating someone, he sees you as a nice decent person and claims you’re a racist – couldn’t be further from the truth but it’s his way of having a tantrum and trying to get extended time on the computer in future.

    Much like when kids claim their parents don’t love them – simply to get what they want.



    From getting to know you through all your lovely posts on Mumstown, we all know you are absolutely not a racist. You are kind and sweet and this is a bully who is taking advantage of the fact you are kind and sweet.

    his behaviour is totally and completely unacceptable and someone senior in the library needs to tell him he cannot behave this way or he will be barred.

    Its so horrible when someone pulls out a ‘convenient’ argument to make it look like they are being discriminated against. its just not on. Not only is is cruel and nasty, its a sure fire way to turn people against him.

    ask someone else to deal with him – you’ve done nothing wrong but he will be well aware he’s upset you and may try to overstay on the computer again if he knows you are weary of him and he may try to take advantage of that.

    things like this make me so mad. what a nasty little man



    Thanks for your kind words Sabbi, its just been a really poxy week, i am going to try and avoid him as much as is possible. I do feel quite anxious about him coming into the library in case he says anything else nasty to me but at least i have it all down on paper and witnesses.



    Don’t you have the right to a calm and happy work environment? If he is nasty again someone senior needs to tell him it’s not on and that he will be asked to leave if he keeps it up.

    Hope you have a better week this week 🙂



    Hmmmmm what a horrible man.
    Nothing will happen from it don’t worry.
    Awful to have to deal withhim everyday..
    Smother him with fake kindness it works a treat. When he walks off shout" you are most very welcome " and " gosh I’ve never met such a lovely man thankyou so much "!!!!!! You can’t get into trouble for being nice 🙂 it works trust me xx



    Is there no security there? I would have him thrown out for threatening behaviour. The cheek!!! He is trying to intimidate you into having his own way.

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