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    Anyone have any reading plans for the new year? Are you hoping to read some classics? Finish a series? Start a book club or have you received a kindle and you need some recommendations. Let me know and I will try to help. Did anyone get some reading done over Christmas? Do you have recommendations you would like to share?


    I read Gone Girl over Christmas and absolutely loved it. Starts off a bit messy but gets really great once you get about 50 pages in. Well worth the read.

    I am starting ‘Into the darkest corner’ this week, after I finish ‘The Heart Whisperer’, which I am currently really enjoying. Written very well, quite lyrical writing and by an Irish author, which I love.

    I got my husband ‘Ron Burgundy, Let me off at the top’ for Christmas. Mad as a bag of hammers but funny. I’ll be dipping in and out of that.

    This year I am thinking of reading some classics and I want to get my children into some classics too. Got my daughter ‘Little women’ and my son ‘Tom Sawyer” for Christmas, so we’ll see how they get on with those!

    I just love reading. We don’t have a TV in our room and we don’t take laptops or phones upstairs with us, so when we go to bed, we tend to read books or magazines etc and its a nice way to settle down for the night. Well, sometimes we do other things obviously 😉 😉 but usually we read too!!


    I’ve just finished reading F**king Up the Buttons on a Babygrow: A memoir of Twenty First Century parenthood by Drew Magary.

    I really enjoyed it, it was very honest & funny & I could relate to a good bit of it…..when he was saying how kids know how to push all your buttons & drive you demented but then on the flipside you love them with all your heart. I like that it was a dads perspective too as most book about kids seem to be by women.

    Gone Girl is sitting beside my bed but I haven’t started reading it yet.

    I also have just started Get Your Sh!t Together: Your Prescription for a Simpler Life by Ruth Field ,its the same author as Run Fat Bitch Run. its kind off a self help type book to get you more organised with your life & time…I thought it would be worth a try as her running book was very motivational.


    I got a kindle last year and have got a look of books on it..

    I got 7 books this Christmas , (wanted the feel of turning pages). I got the one Philomena (wasnt there a film about it) read about 2 chapters but finding it hard to get into..

    What Ma Always Said – Kathleen Doyle – 2 books in one, excellent read..
    Growing up so High – Sean O Connor – Growing up in the Libertys in Dublin – great read too

    5 Peppermint Grove – Michelle Jackson – havent read yet
    In a moment – Caroline Finnerty – Ok read , kind of predicted what was next.
    What becomes of a Broken Heart – Claire Allen – Loved it
    Arresting Tales of Michael F. – Michael Bohan – Local Author – story of his life…

    Read a Christmas One too – cannt rem name.. It was a funny one..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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