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    Our 8 year old daughter has a red rash on her upper chest and upper back, all around her neck area. It is a bumpy red rash and it does not look very sinister but she says it is a bit itchy and is slightly annoying her.

    In addition to this, her eyes are puffy and she looks a bit flushed in the face. She has quite red cheeks with a bit of the rash on her face too.

    We rang Doc on call last night because she seemed to get worse after 6pm and went through it all on phone with them and they said it sounded like an allergy. They said to give her some anti-histamine and get her to bed early and only if it got worse to bring her in.

    We gave her Phenergen and that helped – the rash came down a bit and she slept well. This morning the rash was still there on her chest and face but she has no temp and is not ill in any way. No sickness, no pains etc.

    Have been racking my brains to see if we have given her anything new over past few weeks that she might be reacting to but cannot think of anything.

    Wonder what it could be????


    Hayfever maybe? there can be a heat rash associated with it

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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