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    Hi girls,

    Just posting about this as there was a girl knocked down yesterday on the Rathmullan Road, I dont know any details or what happened, I was talking to some local people that the girl just stepped out on the road, I dont know, and havent heard anymore details, I hope that she is OK.

    Following on from this, as a mother of young children who lives in the area, this has been in my mind for a long time, SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.

    There are two housing estates Highland and Riverbank on this particular stretch of road where the girl was knocked down.
    Cars race up and down this road as if there are no speed limits, like its a motorway, and was only a matter of time before someone got knocked down. Again, dont know details of accident yesterday, but this incident just got me thinking.

    Surely there should be traffic calming islands or speed ramps on this stretch of road where the two housing estates are??? Iknow a lot of people use this stretch of road as a short cut into the town, but they seem to pay no attention to the speed limits or give a dam that they are driving through a residential area.

    Anyone have any advice of who I could contact to make a complaint to????



    I think you complain to the council trixie.

    That hill is lethal coming down it, i barely drive down it as foot is constantly on the brakes…..dangerous esp with the playground at the bottom of the hill. Them yellow things do nothing to help slow u down at all.

    Also agree that there needs to be traffic calming measures put in place between the 2 estates..cos lets not forget you have the ollies school and the turn off for st john and st pauls with no pedestrian crossings at all.


    Can we start a petition here for the council, get people to sign and send it to them?? I would defo sign it, agree that cars fly down there but its such a steep hill I often find myself speeding there without realising and have to put on the brakes!!


    I will sign

    Thereis a little pot of flowers I think, on left as u go down hill just after St Olivers. Guessing that means there was an accident there too at some point.

    U right, is a death trap that stretch…


    I have just sent an email to Louth County Council and will await reply. Think I will also write to local TD and write a letter to the paper.

    It is also crazy that there is not even a pedestrian crossing at St Olivers School or St John’s / St Pauls. Im sure the poor lolipop lady down there does be afraid of her life. 😯 on Marleys lane,,,

    super minder

    two of my friends are lollypop ladys and the amount of people who give out to them for slowing them down. for pure just bad people taken bad moods on them.
    also last year she got knocked down by a northern reg car and garda wouldnt take it to court.

    people we need to do something soon . its too late when a child dies 🙁 🙁


    i CANNOT believe the treatment of some parents towards lollipop ladies i really cant!!!!!! its pure madness, all for the sake of an extra 10 secs onto their journey….flip sake!

    no ped crossing at any other school in town except greenhills….although i could be mistaken!!

    and i doubt any secondary school has a lollipop lady….but there should be zebra things on road for secondary schools for defo.

    try giving paul bell an email……he is from ballsgrove……has some clout up that side of the town. and is pretty good at addressing these kinda situations.

    now if only they could do something about that madness that is the irish school and cbs in the mornings!!!
    The roads in this town are disgraceful….as is the incompetent drivers…but thats a different topic 🙂


    thanks yummy I have emailed Paul Bell.

    I know there was a residents association a few years back when I first moved here, but havent heard anything about them this long many’s a day.

    Any one know of a residents association in the Highlands or Riverbank?

    I am a woman on a mission now!


    I was only thinking someone will be kill on that road on Sunday… I was sitting for ages trying to turn from the swimming pool road, the cars were flying along…. hope that child is okay

    You go girl… and thanks for that other thing


    Hi all it’s my first post on mumstown. So pleased to see the post about the Rathmullen Road. At the last election I was given promises by Eoin Holmes of Meath Co Council (Highlands) and Paul Bell of Drogheda County Council (Riverbank) that traffic calming measures would be introduced. In previous elections I discussed the issue at length with Dominic Hannigan – and still nothing. I was told that money had been provided for lights at the junction of Marleys Lane and Rathmullen Road but there were problems with planning permission. As a pedestrian who uses that road every day I am really angered by the lackof provision for pedestrians, with shops, a primary school, a secondary school and a swimming and leisure centre surely planning should insist on pedestrian crossings rather than hinder them. I find that politicians are very visible and helpful pre-election but disappear once they are happily ensconced in their council seats – maybe it’s time to get them out again!
    Please email or phone the council and let them know we won’t put up with dangerous roads anymore.



    hi Fin and welcome to mumstown.

    I had a different email for Paul so I have resent my email to the one you provided and also an email to Eoin.

    Something really needs to be done about this death trap of a road and soon.


    I’m originally from Hillview and my family are still there, the estate is 35 years old this year and when i was younger a girl did die on that road, don’t really remember details, but the traffic was much quieter then.

    also 2 years ago, just passed St. Oliver’s school there was an incident were a drunk driver crashed into a wall and died early in the morning, luckily no one else was about.

    Just highlighting that these things have happened and the councilors haven’t done anything about them before. 😥

    there was a new estate to be built on that road too and it was up to the developer to improve the traffic control on the roads. but with the current climate i don’t know how long that will be before it goes ahead



    Well, I was talking to cllr Bell, he called me back.

    To be honest, Im at a dead end, and dont know what to do.

    He told me that a set of traffic lights costs €80,000, so I cant see lights being put up at the top of Marleys Lane anytime soon. Although this does make me wonder how the Leisure centre, shops in the area was granted planning permission, surely traffic in the area would have to be taken into consideration?

    He also said that you cannot put speed ramps on a main road, but Im not sure if the area where Riverbank and Highlands is "technically" a main road, there are not even road markings on this stretch of road, until you get up as far as LMFM.

    Apparently speed ramps can be placed within a housing estate but he also said that Riverbank has not been taken in charge by the council yet ( these houses were built about 10 years ago).

    Should the developers of housing estates not be made to ensure that there are relevant safey measures on the road, and this should be a stipulation of planning permission?

    If they cannot put speed ramps, surely they can put rumble strips, or big writing with the speed limits on the road like they have further down the Rathmullan Road near the playground?

    Oh this is really doing my head in, does anyone have any ideas of what i can do next? I dont think there is a residents association in the estate, im not a 100% sure, I think there was a few years ago, when a builder submitted planning for another new development further down past Riverbank, but I havent seen or heard of them since!!



    Hi Trixiebell,
    i’m currently fighting a similar battle with the developers in my estate who still have not handed over the roads to the council. we too have little road safety features on our roads. we’ve had meetings organised by both ourselves and the res.association and taken names of concerned residents and filed complaints with the developers, the management company and now the gardai as the first 2 werent listening. my advice is get names together, write letters, make calls all to your local garda station (community liasion officer and superintendent). we were surprised at how much interest they took in our case. they do care and want the roads to be safe. ours even contacted our developer for us. even though the developer still owns the roads, the gardai still have a responsibility and will be called when there is an accident, not the developer!!! get neighbourhood watch going and report dangerous driving to the gardai at every opportunity. this will help them put pressure on the developer to do something.
    make as much noise as you can, and be persistent. we found we even had to go door to door to get support. it takes a lot of effort, but stick with it!
    also try contacting the road safety officer in the council who will make reccomendations for you that you can pass on to the developer. the moreofficials that are involved, the more they may listen.

    good luck.


    thanks for that missysmum, you have given me some greats ideas there.

    I seen an article in the Drogheda Leader about Highlands residents highlighting the need for a pedestrian crossing. I am going to contact them and see if we can organise something. I will keep you updated!

    Thanks again!

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