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    Can someone please advise:

    I would like to know the rates for two children aged 7 & 10.

    Week 1 – dropped at childminder @8:10 – must drop to two local schools & collect @ 2:50 & 3pm – they would be collected @4pm

    Week 3 -collect @ 2:50 & 3pm – they would be collected @5pm

    Four Days a week – Mon – thursday

    Rate for school term only

    Hols Time – Week 1 – 8:20 – 4pm

    Week 2 – 1 — 5pm

    Thank you

    Ps i supply all the food


    usually price is 8euro and hour….perhaps 10-12 for 2 kids…..then at least 40euro a day for full day….


    its hard to define what the rate should be……personally good childminders are hard to find and trusting your child to someone is such a big thing to do….how many people are willing to take on the responsibility of looking after someone elses child/children and taking full responsibility for them in that time. A good childminder is worth her weight in gold, never mind a few bob. Don’t sell yourself short…….you’re providing a service…people pay a cleaner more to clean their house than some childminders get for minding a child with all that responsibility the minimum wage is definately more.


    super minder

    did you get sorted with a minder. i think you would be looking at at least 10 to 12 an hour. what your looking for is a minder who drive and cooks. and is good with kids.try angie in meadow view she does afterschool so kids of there age doing same art and play etc.


    Thanks i got sorted..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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