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    I bought a coat in Dunnes but took it home and wasnt 100% sure about it, put the receipt into the bag and to keep safe until I had time to return for a refund.
    Well went back this evening only to be told I could only get a credit note!!!!! Eh Hello I have my receipt and tags still on, but I didnt have the SECOND receipt and its Dunnes policy that you cant get a refund if you dont have the two receipts :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Am I the only person not to keep the little tab that I think tells you your club card details? To say Im pissed off is an understatement…… I told the manager I’m getting onto Dunnes head office in the morning and the Dept of consumer affiars as I feel mine have been violated….. I asked where in the store did it tell you to keep BOTH RECEIPTS, she couldnt show me. Then I pointed out the sign about there refund policy is that tags on clothes and receipt NOT receiptS!!!

    I told the manager that Im will be back tomorrow morning to buy the coat with my GIFT CARD then moments later bring it back and get my FUCKING REFUND!!!!! She told me I couldnt DO that, we were both as thick as each other but just watch me….. would have done it this evening but I only had 12 mins while my rice was cooking :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    So for any Dunnes shoppers if your thinking of returning an item, keep your 2 receipts or you wont get your refund
    Rant over……. breath! Will update tomorrow how I get on with my gift card


    What 2 reciepts??? club card details are on bottom on normal reciept taylor, never have i gotten 2 of them.

    did u buy coat with gift card???

    Also not to burst your bubble but they DO NOT have to offer you a refund unless the item was faulty or not fit for its intended purpose. Just cos you cahnge your mind does not mean they have to refund you, its up to the retailer to do it as a goodwill gesture. To them the goodwill gesture was a credit note.

    Just telling ya in case you go in tw screaming your consumer rights 😆 😆

    I dont change clothes that often but when i do and its just cos i change my mind then i have only gotten a credit note. Its diff when you buy online you have the distance selling regulations where you have 14 days to change your mind, return and get a refund.

    just giving ya this bit of info.


    No didnt buy with a gift card bought it on Laser card, I checked the coat through with my shopping I was handed the long till receipt and a smaller one about 2 inches long. I did say to the girl I hadnt tried on the coat (didnt have time) and if it didnt fit would it be okay, she said it was fine just keep your receipt (singular not plural) …. the sleves were very short and went up my arms when i moved.

    Not sure if you only get this smaller part of the receipt if you check through the grocery section…. she did tell me the staff at told to staple the two together, which they didnt, so I suffer for their mistake….

    On the main receipt it has last four nums of laser and the date….. I’ll get my refund one way or another


    1st, Y don’t u try taking it to a different Dunnes all innocent and don’t even mention previous expr=erience unless develops into same row, I am sure u just got an arsey member of staff there.

    what u want out of it is ur money back, the satisfaction of the row is secondary? I’d just try that technique 1st, be ultra nice, hopefully get ur wedge back and then have row with HO if can still face it.

    I met a mt mum yest who’s dh i think quite high up in Dunnes, so pm me if u get nowhere we see what we can do…


    Aw you know what the reason is then taylor, if you paid by laser then you have to be refunded in the same way as you purchased it!!!!

    even if you didnt keep the laser(which is the small reciept your talking about, which really should be kept if even for your own records of a tranaction taking place ) reciept your card number…last 4 digits still should be on bottom of the actual reciept itself.

    hope u get it sorted though.


    Yummy the last for digits and exp date were on the receipt but no still not good enough…… I wouldnt mind if you had to keep the two receipts, but how are you meant to know this, my point was there WASNT one sign that told you you had to do this, what are dunnes customers meant to be mind readers????
    (yummy I keep my receipts then check online and bin them if all is okay)

    Dh said he need trousers for golf, he gets the pga ones in Dunnesso he will spend it, thats fine but Im still getting onto head office as its unfair if they dont display this policy.


    Aw mrs i hear your plight, i cant see why they would need the actual laser reciept when details are on the main reciept.

    ( i meant for you to keep the ickle laser reciept to check it online, i know i say this but yet i rarely do it either haha the actual reciept does me)

    i never knew you had to bring both back, guess we all know about it now though. let us know how you get on.


    Was onto head office and the area manager is off on holidays today, so he will ring me next week. the girl on the phone said she has never heard of this!!!! She couldnt understand why, I did explaine how the staff are told to staple the two receipts together but they didnt do that with mine.
    I said I will spent the money no problem but its the principle, how do customers know they have to keep two receipts if there is no signs to tell you so…… Sorry my mind reading skills are a bit off at the minute.
    when I said to the manager last night he answer was "Now, how would you word that in a sign" …. very fucking easy keep the two parts of receipt!!!!

    Will let you know how I get on next week


    i have only had the 2 parts of receipts stapled together on the odd occassion
    i know when i had dd1 we got some stuff from dunnes in same sizes and we got loads of 3-6month vest – i took a load of stuff into dunnes without receipts and in some cases tags, explained and they changed it for stuff of same value – they were really good about it and really helpful – guess what i’m saying is could it just have been the person you were unlucky to get on the day????
    hope you get it sorted


    Ya own fault for shopping in dunnes stores! Just shop in like brown thomas from now on trust me they are just like fab!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    i really think u just got a stroppy member of staff……im not defending them but i have to say my experience of changing stuff in Dunnes has always been good………..on more than one occasion i have had no receipt at all and it hasnt been a problem….


    Taylor, Sandra went to dunnes with my girls yesterday and she wanted to buy 2 small rolls and put sausages on them for their lunch, she actually walked out because the girl in the deli was so rude and said they done do small rolls for children!! Eh we have be buying them here for years! 🙄 Another stroppy member of staff! The girl on the deli rolled her eyes and all at her. 🙄 🙄



    i just read this whole thing now and cant believe it!

    i hate dunnes stores so much and have had so many problems with returning items, overcharging, rude staff members and general lack of customer service.

    i’ve never had to give the second receipt thingy for laser etc. for refunds. By chance i happened to have one when getting a refund one day in tkma** and i was told they weren’t needed as they were for the customers own records only. my dh works with the banks/laser systems and i know for a fact this is their main purpose. it sounds like someone being STROPPY, but that is not out of character for some dunnes staff in my experience. i have never ever had my two receipts stapled together in a dunnes, EVER.

    good luck taylor, let us know what they say!


    The girl as the till/customer service was lovely and she was the one who told me I’d need the smaller lazer receipt if I wanted a refund…. I asked for the manager, waited a whole 10 mins for her to come, she seen I was waiting and still walked over to another staff member to tell her how to stock the floor 😈 😈 😈 The second girl at Customer service said call her again on the pa system and the first girl said "no she will kill me"…. I was thinking not before I will the rude bitch leaving THE CUSTOMER waiting.
    Well she was rude to the wrong person and I’ll hang the cow on Wednesday.

    This is the first problem with dunnes have always found them great with refunds etc…..


    Which Dunnes is this? i have returned stuff in Ashbourne without any receipt. I had a packet of baby gros that were too small, lost the receipt but they were happy to give me a straight swap. I think it is really down to the staff you meet and how important they are feeling!!!!!

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