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    ok spent all day yesterday screaming at the kids as it rained all day …. cant go through that again please anyone ideas for what to do with them….. im in louth!!! :( :shock:


    I went to homebase and got rolls of wallpaper for 50c, i stick them to the floor and take paints out. we made spud stamps the other day, it was great fun, then we painted on the paper with the stamps. Now it was no work of art but we had great fun.
    Water balloons in tesco are great fun even in the rain.

    cook buns and eat them.


    There is an activities section on Mumstown (see the toolbar above) with some suggestions, here is the link to that: http://www.mumstown.ie/activities/

    Aside from that, here are some ideas:

    Board games – Junior scrabble etc are good fun
    Baking – you can buy easy to make cupcakes & brownies and then get different toppings, like the Dr Oetker range, to decorate them
    Colouring / painting – Get a plastic tablecloth (available in most euro shops) and let them at the table with colours & paints. The tablecloth can be wiped down & reused or thrown out.
    DVD’s – Its nice to snuggle up with a DVD on a rainy afternoon.
    Sky TV recordings – I keep an eye on TV for good movies that we might all like to watch together. Lately we watched some good old movies and the kids have really enjoyed them. We’ve looked at The Money Pit, Adventures in Babysitting, Calamity Jane, Baby’s Day Out, The Goonies etc.
    Cinema – It can be expensive but is a nice way to spend a few hours – there are kids clubs in the mornings in some cinemas and they work out really good value.
    Put on a show – we sometimes ask our children to create a show and they take ages rehearsing and practicing and then we get fully entertained.

    Hope some of that helps!


    Depending on age of kids we just back from Red Mountain Farm it was quite good..most things are inside barns ..not amazing but a change from play centres and could still be done in the rain..even the sand pit is inside.

    I know this weather is INSANE I think I have to emigrate grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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