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    Hi, just wondering does any-one know where to buy a radiator cover and roughly how much they cost. I want to cover up the radiator in the play-room.
    Thanks :)


    Woodies, Homebase etc… Homebase do a really nice one about 200 euro, would suit a hall way if just for playroom a basic one would do, would guess to fit a standard rad and one you will have to paint about 150 euro, but depends on size of rad, Check out DPL In Drogheda or Brooks in Balbriggan would be another cheap spot… might be cheaper then woodies and homebase


    Have you tried IKEA? BTW: If you can stretch to it, buy the finished one, ie the one you dont have to paint yourself. I bought one in B&Q a while back and it turned out terrible despite careful priming and preparation. Different grains absorbed different amount of paint and once the heat hit it – it all chipped away 😯

    We got really lovely ones made up in Rivaro in Donore. They turned out comparable in price to the ones inHomebase.


    actually wouldn’t have thought of rivaro but that’s an idea…i bought one a while back in homebase, it’s beech with frosted glass front and it’s great looks good and also allows the heat come out, homebase did do before not sure if they still do but they did ones for kids room that was blackboard one end and abbacus the other end….

    have to agree the ones you have to paint can turn out awful that’s why i bought one that needed no work doing to it…

    best of luck in your search


    Agree with the other posters. Another place that might be worth looking is http://www.radicalchanges.ie.



    Dare i be a scab and suggest argos??? if its for playroom no doubt, chalk, crayon, play doh or whatever else kids play with these days will end up on it, no point paying fortune for it. JMO though.


    Argos and homebase are quite good. Maybe IKEA too – just clear an hour or two to go there, its hypnotising!!!


    Thanks for all the replies. I must go around with my eyes closed because I never realised so many places did them 😳 Must have a look at the weEkend. Love the idea of the blackboard and abacus…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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