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    Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone could help . I havn’t a clue what to get himself for xmas . I would like to buy him something different . He doesn’t sport . We are together ten years so donethe watches, aftershave, clothes and so on . Your help would be great. :D


    Does he like cars/driving??. There’s a rally school in Monaghan if he’s into that sort of thing at all http://www.rallyschoolireland.ie. Got vouchers for DH twice and he loved it…he’s into that sort of thing though so don’t know if it’ll suit your fella??


    how about tickets for "gift grub" in the Tommy Leddy Theatre. it’s what my husband has asked for and hes really excited about it. 😀


    What did you got for himself at the end?

    Dh never wants anything, and don’t care if he doesn’t get presents.
    Last year for his bday I wanted to kids to give him something, but no idea of what. I wrap some DVDs we have at home and he got it, he was happy so were the kids.

    For this Xmas, the pc will need a new mouse, so he (or the pc, tha’t I’m using not him….)’s getting it.
    So don’t count on me to find nice great ideas.

    Let me know, I’m curious (very).

    Talk soon,


    dh works in swords

    the malahide la spa are doing a special on full bdy massage and hot towel shave thing so he gettin that whether he likes it or not as, like u, i fed up wracking my brains. Perhaps la spa drogheda are doing same?

    I gettin him a camera maybe also, fancy digital 1 so that he can do woki figuring it out, takin photos of kids and will keep him quiet. they love gadgetery don’t they?

    I not flush btw, just have his birthday on 15th then xmas to be buyin 4 is all…


    Whats the special in malahide? I was going to get the hot towel shave, hair cut and teeth whitening in the boston barbers for a stocking filler for dh… think its onlyt about 50euro


    There is a barbers on the street where all the barbers are!!!! not from Drogheda, you’d never guess would ya! up the hill on the left, I think it’s called Terrys Barbers. Got hubby Hot towel shave there for his Bday. €30 He thought it was FANTASTIC.! Men seem to have everything they want these days. My Hubby goes out & buys anything he wants instead of saying to me "I’d like blah, blah, blah for xmas." So annoying 👿 Actually maybe it was €20…. can’t remember now… Sorry!!


    Did you figure out what to get your dh yet. If not try this website http://www.TopGifts.ie. I got dh a 30 mintute flying lesson on this site for only €99!



    The name of street is Peter St


    I got my hubby the Mondello driving experience voucher and he went on and on about it for years afterwards. I got him the advanced course last year and he is still talking about that now – he’s dropping hints I suspect!

    Its quite expensive but they really really love it.

    I also got him flying lessons and he loved that too but not as much as the driving.

    Last year we got each other the same gift so this year I’m trying to come up with something completely different…have it almost sorted but cannot say too much as he’s on here too!!!

    Good luck!


    Oh ya…forgot about Mondello. Got that for my dh many moons ago too (he’s a real petrol head). He really liked it…I didn’t though, stood there in the freezing cold recording him on his brothers camcorder for over an hour…I was like an ice-block by the time he came back in. The worst was later that evening he was messing with the camcorder and managed to record over everything by mistake….to say I nearly killed him would be an understatement!! 👿 Anyway back to the point…..Mondello is a great option too. 😀


    How are about a weekend away somewhere nice in the new year? That way you can enjoy the christmas pressie as well!!!!


    If he likes golf that are some brilliant stay and play offers in the midlands Mount Juliet are doing an offer with 2 other courses for 130 euro…. Stunning price!!!!!

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