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    A year ago I wrote that my husband had decided to leave his job to start up his own company. Many people said he was mad, there was a recession on and he should have been grateful to have a job….but he was miserable. He had lost his motivation, his passion for the job he was in and I could see that it was killing his spirit. He kept saying he’d leave when it was the right time, but when would that be? So with the support of his family, he left! I didn’t know what to expect, and thought the hardest thing would be money. Over the last 12 months I have learned so much, about myself, about my husband, and about our relationship….yes, money is tight but so what! We have less material things, but we appreciate what we do have. We rarely go out but when we do we enjoy every minute! Instead of my husband being gone from 7am til 7pm, he is now there with us til 9.30am, back with us for lunch at 12.30 and finished for the day at 5!! He plays with the kids every morning and evening instead of getting home at bed time…OK, so he then works til late into the night but he is doing something he loves at last so is so energised by it all. It has been tough, it has really tried our relationship at times, especially when I was working part time and we were trying to juggle two young children and make ends meet, but I can honestly say it has brought us all closer together…Ironically, on this the one year marker of his new endeavor, he had his first article published in Essential Magazine today…I am very proud of him and want to tell anyone who is thinking of taking such a chance to go for it…at least you’ll never wonder "what if"…


    I’m so happy for you both. 🙂 what a wonderful story. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that his new company goes from strength to strength. There is nothing more rewarding then something you built and created yourself. Time for the family is also a huge bonus for everyone involved. Congrats xx


    Seen the article this evening, well done, it was a great article.

    And congrats to u and ur dh, glad it has worked our so well for you both xxx 😀 😀


    Babs – what a great thread! And we have to agree that weare also delighted your hubby decided to leave his job and go out on his own. We have really enjoyed working with him and he hardly ever complains when we drive him mad looking for things to be done yesterday!! 😆 We are delighted with all the work100paces has done for Mumstown and have been heartily recommending them to colleagues from Louth & Meath and all the way to Tipperary!

    He is putting the work in and the rewards will come – you have worked hard together the past year on this venture and as you say, some things had to be sacrificed but the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices.

    We felt nervous when we took on Mumstown (one year ago this Sunday, 1st August! How time flies!!). We had both been made redundant from well paid jobs in recent years and it was a gamble to buy this small website but we absolutely love it. We get to spend more time together (my hubby used to be gone 7-7, 5 days a week and some weekends) but now we are at home a lot working so we can work around the kids.

    When we started there were 1,100 members and today there are almost 4,500 so its nice to know all the hard work and late nights are starting to pay off. We are still less well off financially than we used to be and a foreign holiday is not quite on the cards yet but maybe by next year it will be – our future is looking bright

    We love the people we’ve met through Mumstown, some of the things we’ve got to do like Operation Transformation and other TV and Radio shows have been amazing but the best for me is the monthly get togethers in Laurence Town Centre, The Marshes and weekly BCH swims – the mums and dads are just lovely and its a wonderful feeling to be part of that.

    The past few weeks have been rough for us and the support we’ve had through Mumstown has been overwhelming and amazing and a great source of comfort to us.

    So I guess what I’m saying is that, I may still be a bargain rail shopper and our wedding anniversary getaway is with the help of some Tesco vouchers but I am happier now than I ever was in any job I ever had.

    It’s all about family at the end of the day so yep Babs – while our hubbies may drive us potty sometimes, its great having them around doing something that makes us all happy 🙂


    If I wasn’t a bloke I’d cry, thank you Babs for such a nice post and to the rest of you for the replies.

    I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the redesign for Mumstown, it’s been great working with you guys.

    All I’d like to add is that if anyone is considering taking the jump and starting out on their own then just do it. Obviously a little planning is needed but if you over do it then you’ll only ever find reasons to not do anything. Before you realise it will be too late and you’ll ask yourself the most difficult question of all "What if".


    I think its great that it has worked out so well for you guys, things might be tight but isnt every household like that at the moment, so your not alone. No money can replace the family time and Daddy spending more time with the kids.
    My dhs contract changed a few years back, but chop in salary but he can be home as early as 3.30 or 4pm most days compared to 6 or 7pm….. we still miss the money but hey, lifes to short and kids grow so fast

    Delighted for you both xxxx


    Great post Babs…. I’m sure it was a very scary time wondering if you were doing the right thing… and it has been!
    But you are right if there is something you want to do very strongly, take the chance and do it… if you keep putting it off, you might never do it!! And you don’t want to have the regret of wondering….

    A quote I remember from a course I done was ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway….’ very true…

    Well done to you, xxx


    Babs i also want to add my congrats to you both. Thats not easy foregoing a good salaried job for a leap of faith – great that its worked forye 😀 😀 I wish my dh was home with us – 6.30am to 7pm every night – poor kids dont want anything to do with him when he gets home they are so tired and just fit for bed. He has to re-bond with them every weekend !! So, you did the right thing for your little family 😀


    Congratulations and wish you,your husband and ur family the best of luck in the future. :D.As i do say to my partner when money matters get on top of us,at least we have each other and our ds and we r happy,we could hav all the money in the world and b miserable.


    Ah come on Jonathan, nothing wrong with admitting you cried like a baby! Just kidding LOL!! 😆

    But kidding aside, it’s really nice to hear a feel good story like this – yes times are tough but they say entrepreneurs are born in recessionary times, so you could be the next Bill Gates if you keep going the way you are!

    It’s lovely to read about how much faith and support you got from your family, thats a key part of making a new venture work.

    Apparently we are ‘officially’ out of the recession now, so hopefully there will be more stories like this and happier times ahead for more families as a result. 🙂


    Great post and great article too 🙂 Well done to ye all.


    Ah stop yous pair have me in bits!! 😥 😥 😥 yous pair of luv bugs!!! Well done pal! Wish you all the success in the world,and behind every good man theres a good women. x


    I would say "behind every good woman is a grumbling man!!!" He he 😆

    ….it was our 8 year wedding anniversary yesterday, think I’m getting cynical after all these years LOL!


    Its our 3.5 month anniversary tomorrow haha


    6 years for me later in the month and still going strong 😆 😆 😆

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