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    No never thought of there-il hav a look.


    Hi im lookin for a wooden toy box for my sitting room. Have seen plenty of plastic ones but i want something dat looks well.
    Just to put the toys away every evening when the kiddies go to bed.


    did ya try ikea?


    i have to wooden ones in the shed just have to throw out toys in them i dont what condition they are in till iget the pad lock removed from shed but will let you know as soon as k.


    Hodgin’s in Balbriggan may have something, they have a great range of kids & babies furniture for bedrooms, nursery etc and would probably have something to suit

    They are very reasonably priced and their January sale is on at the moment so a good time to check them out. They are located across from the train station in Balbriggan, (there is free parking in Supervalu, we usually park in the underground car park and walk down. Its only a 30 second walk!)



    Hi Charmer,

    We sell wooden blanket boxes that make great toy boxes too.
    We have country pine effect, white and beech effect which are €50.
    We can also order in lovely pine and leather look boxes with prices starting from €89.

    We have actually nearly sold out of all the Disney toy boxes, we have Disney Princess left which is reduced from €59 to €49. We have Toy Story, Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine boxes arriving next month.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Charmer jst wondering if you got sorted with a toy box? I’m actually looking for one myself, too many toys in sitting room want to hidethem away in a nice wooden box.
    Hodgins, do you have any pics of the boxes you do? How much are the thomas the tank boxes etc ?
    Thanks 🙂


    Hi Julymam.

    We will put some pics of boxes up on facebook for you.
    Just click facebook.com/hodginsfurniture.

    Thomas the Tank Engine and all the other Disney Boxes are €59.


    Great thanks 🙂


    I’ve clicked on the link but can’t see any boxes, can you tell me where you are located?


    Hodgin’s are located across from the train station in Balbriggan. Here is a link to their facebook page with some of their boxes on it :


    The guys in there are very helpful and they have lots of boxes to choose from.

    Hope that helps.


    cheers for that very helpful they have some lovely stuff. 😀

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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