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    Rooming In" in Irish Maternity Hospitals: AIMSI Survey

    ‘Rooming in’ is the practice whereby a mother stays with her newborn baby throughout the period of her postnatal hospital stay. A cot is placed beside the mother’s bed so that baby can be continually cared for by her mother.

    “Rooming in”, as it was originally conceived, has proved to hold psychological and practical benefits to both mother and baby. In the right environment, it promotes greater bonding and early maternal nurturing, giving the mother the opportunity to learn and develop confidence in feeding and caring for her new baby. Critically, this practice is considered only safe and successful when the mother had unlimited availability of support from midwives/nurses to assist with caring for her baby.

    Today, most of our maternity hospitals, have a compulsory “rooming in “ policy. There is growing evidence that mothers who have recently given birth are not always getting the necessary and critical help they need to adequately care for their babies. Of particular concern are those mothers who have had difficult births, often involving surgery, and others with varying postnatal complications.

    AIMS Ireland fully support the original concept of ‘rooming in’ but we want to gauge the actual experience of mothers in our maternity hospitals.

    Were you happy with “rooming in” during your hospital stay? Did you feel supported and guided in caring for your baby?

    Please take a minute to fill in this short survey, using the box below for any additional comments.


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